That Rude Veg did the trick! Got my BFP!!

Hi ladies,

I know I've posted in other threads that I've got my BFP, just thought I'd do my own thread! I originally tested on 10 DPO with an internet 10miu cheapie and got a faint line. Spent the next week frantically trying NOT to pee twice daily on aforementioned sticks and failing miserably. My advice to you - leave poas as long as you possibly can, as I spent the week between my bpf and my AF due date worrying that I'd have a Chemical Pregnany (I know I still can, but trying not to think about that).

Also spent that week worrying how I'd tell oh. Although we've been 'trying' everything's been unspoken, so worried that he'd be angry and annoyed and god know what else (I blame the hormones for me thinking this!). Alternatively, I was going to wait until Christmas Day and give him a pee-soaked, positive stick in the morning as a surprise - realised that I couldn't wait that long to tell him.

Sunday morning he was half-asleep and I was in his armpit and I just said "(insert pet name which is too embarrasing to say on here), my period's late and I'm pregnant" he says "how do you know", I reply "I did a test yesterday and it's positive (notice I said just the one test!!:lolimage , are you ok with it?" "Of course I am" he replies, giving me a squeezy-hug " we're getting married and stuff (not sure what the 'stuff'' is) and that's what married people do (awwww - bless!) image We did a celebritory BD and went to sleep.

Later in the morning we were in the bathroom and I showed him the cheapie hpt - "what's that" he says; "it's the pregnancy test", "right, what does it mean" so I showed him the packet and the lines. "What are you going to do with it - you're not going to keep it are you?" me; "no, it's a stick with my wee on it, why would I want to keep it?", "Oh, just some people keep weird things, like putting it in a bag to show people" me; "No, if you let me get by, I'll put it in the bin now"

This morning I did a digital CB and it came up 2-3 weeks. I left it on top of the toilet for him, all excited as it's more 'definate' for him to see, with the instruction leaflet - as some 'alternate reading' for him whilst on the loo. I went in to brush my teeth - "You left that stick thing on top of the seat - I've put it on the windowledge". "I left that for you to look at". Oh right, pass it here then." We then went through it together; Love is... explaining a pregnancy test kit to your OH whilst he is on the loo and you are trying to bush you teeth!

I hope this wasn't too long a post and I hope you don't mind if I lurk around still, I don't want to migrate yet...

Fingers crossed for all you lovely ladies



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