Blue Veins

Blue veins,

Hi girls only me ....again hee hee

ok please tell me something i have just checked and i have two new blue veins come up on me left B??? What does this mean could this mean that it is because i have just come off the pill has anybody else this?? Also the actually nipple looks darker in colour and now i have just noticed the bit around the nipple not the whole areola is also a little dark in colour??

I know if you are preg it means you should get a dark ring around the areola so I am not sure what mine means?

k xx


  • It's really werid i asked a few friends and they were like coz your boobs are huge but I know my boobs and they have not always been there they have only just come ?? It's really odd maybe it is a sign for me then that AF is on her way?

  • Yeah i did that but everything came up saying it was a preg sign though I know i am not. I have these about a week though?? Today am on CD28 so I am pleased i hope it means that I wont be waiting too long for AF image

  • Thanks babe xx
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