Dust yourself off & try again...........

Absolutely gutted! After tears & tantrums it's time for PMA! I was convinced we'd done it this month as yesterday I'd got as far as CD32 & no AF! However, she arrived this morning (which I suppose saved me wasting one of my tests!) We were babysitting again last night for my friends 7 month old & DH & I just stared into the cot saying this could be us soon! & then the eveil witch arrived!

So, I'm off to collect a CBFM & stop this guessing malarky!

Month 3 here we go..........It's our bdays in Aug so we may even get our smiley on our b'days!

Sorry to rant, just wanted to let off some steam!



  • Aw sorry to hear that hun....maybe you are meant to conceive on your birthdays image that's a nice thing to think anyway xx
  • Thx hun, that's true and maybe if it's a boy we could called him Leo! He he x
  • good luck for this cycle x
  • Aw hun I am sorry I know how your feeling the witch showed up for me yesterday right on schedule....onto month 2 for me....we are away in August at the time I am meant to be most fertile so hoping to catch then. Like emsypops says maybe your meant to catch on your bdays how amazing would that be image xxxxxx
  • Awww hun im so sorry to hear the witch found you!!
    At least you can be ready and armed for next month with your CBFM, good luck hun xxx
  • aww sorry mooker, hope u get ur bfp this month! xxxxx
  • Thanks girls, you're all lovely x
  • Aww that's rubbish hunni, but fingers crossed you get your BFP next month xxx
  • Yaaaay Leo is a way cool name me thinks image x
  • Mooker good juck with the monitor. It will be reassuring to know exactly when things are happening.
    Im trmpted to invest in one too.

    Loving your pma xx
  • Evil witch......but as you say maybe it's meant to be a birthday baby!!!!! Bring on next month and good luck for BFP next month!! xxxx
  • Ah Mooker i am sorry. . The evil witch got you. . Bloody cow lol. . Don't worry though month three Will be our month im convinced of it x X keep smiling x X bfp bfp bfp x X comes in 3' s x X X
  • Aww hun sorry your af got you but at least you have the right attitude , lots of pma. good luck for next month image x
  • Ah Thanks lovely ladies x

    Well having just driven an 1.5 hour round trip to collect what she said was a CBFM from my friend but it turns out its a CB digital ovulation kit.....Are these as good? Also there are only two tests in the box & from just looking online it seems you can't buy extra sticks and have to buy a whole new kit.
    I may as well just buy a CBFM! Arghhhh I've probably missed next day delivery now! Right I'm off online shopping! x
    Discount codes anyone?
  • awh mooker so sorry to hear that hunni image i got a bfn today but too early to test really.
    ive invested in a cbfm so lets hope we have happy news soon xxx
  • mooker here you go

    and codes from a previous thread

    The 5% discount code is TFAB and gives a 5% discount on goods (no minimum spend)

    The 10% discount code is TFAB10 and gives a 10% discount on goods when spending over ??150
  • Hi kels, hopefully you'll have a good result soon! Fingers crossed for you hun, keep us updated x

    Nicnol - you little life saver with your discount codes! I've just placed my order for the cbfm and saved 5%! Lovely! I also didn't feel as guilty then about paying ??6.95 for express delivery! Just hoping it arrives tomorrow x

    Hi again booey! Yes month 3 HAS to be our lucky month! I think you're slightly ahead of me now? What cd are you? Are you using cbfm as well this month?

    Thanks x

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  • No problems mooker....I love a discount code!
    And if AF still isn't here by next week and i get a BFN again I'm on that site ordering my CBFM aswell before the codes run out!! xx
  • Hi Nicnol - they send me another discount code with my receipt:

    As a thank you use coupon code: thankyou
    to get a 5% discount on goods

    Code active until end of Sept 2010

    Only one discount coupon is applied per order.Coupon may be used multiple times.
    Feel free to share coupon with colleagues, friends & family

  • ............but hopefully, you wont need it of course x Good luck hun x
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