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Some brief history, I`ve been TTC for 11 months and have irregular periods. 2 weeks ago I thought AF had began but was very light and stopped and started. A pregnancy test last monday showed a faint but second line, by Wednesday a much stronger second line but Thursday morning I had a bleed. Seen at early pregnancy clinic on friday. No baby seen on ultra sound scan but my bloods showed hCG over 250. Repeat bloods (2 days later) hCG now over 600 but I`m still spoting. Now I`ve got to go for more tests....

I feel like I`m in limbo! Have I misscaried? Am I still miscarring? Can this actualy become a baby???

I`m so confused and upset!

Update: just spoke to nurse at the clinic. blood results could indicate pregnancy as the result has doubled but I have to wait until Friday and will have a repeat scan and more blood tests.

So fingers crossed..... I will let you know how Friday goes.

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  • No wonder you are so confused and upset. I don't know what to say but didn't want to R & R. HCG levels do increase rapidly at the beginning but I've no idea if the numbers you are quoting are normal or not, sorry. All I can say is hang in there and push for those tests to be done quickly so you are spared the agony of waiting. Take care xx
  • Hi, I don't know much about mc but I think a rise in hCG levels is a good sign!
    Hopefully someone who knows more will be able to help.
  • Your Hcg should double in early pregnancy every 48 hours, but if its doubling then thats a good sign. They normally cant see anything on scan until at least 500 so dont panic, were the 2 results 48 hours apart, if so then maybe its looking good? x
  • Some women do bleed during pregnancy hun, it is rare but it happens. Good luck and fingers crossed your bean is safe xx

  • As pp said your HCG levels should double every 48 hours so your levels look really good..if you were miscarrying then the levels would be dropping. It would be too early to see anything on a scan so there is every chance that it will be fine hun. When I was pg with my dd I had spotting as well and I had HCG levels tested- my first result was 125 and my second almost 400 so lower than yours but I was told that it doesn't matter what levels you have as long as they are doubling its a great sign. She is now a lively 2 year old!

    Good luck hun, keep us posted

  • Thanks for your replies! i will keep you updated.
  • Hi,

    so sorry you are going through the mill.

    I read loads on this topic last year & most sites i came across said HCG must be 1000 to get a good clear pic of what is going on.

    I think its really promising that your HCG is rising so quickly check out this website hon there are some amazing stories that may give you some much needed PMA at the mo.


    Please god all will be fine.
  • I`m so scared, today I have my hospital appointment! Spotting stopped earlier this week and pregnancy test still reads positive.... I just hope I haven`t set myself up for a huge fall.

    I will let you know how it goes.

    katyjo thanks for the website!

  • Wishing you lots of luck for your appointment, let us know how you get on xx
  • Good luck and fingers crossed for today

  • good luck for today!!xxx
  • Unfortunately it was not good news.... I have an ectopic pregnancy. Booked to go in for medical treatment tomorrow. This way I should hopefuly be able to keep my fallopian tube (as long as treatment works) but wont be able to TTC for 3 months.

    I`ve had a good cry and my family are very supportive.

    Thankyou for your support and I hope you all have happy healthy pregnancies.
  • oh my gosh - im soooo sorry hun!! Sending you big hugs!! Stay stong!! xxxx
  • Sorry to hear that. Glad to hear your family are supporting you.
    Take care x
  • I am sorry, glad to hear you have lots of support though. Look after yourself hun x
  • oh no hun, i'm so sorry it was bad news. i hope you continue to have lots of support. (((((hugs))))).xx
  • so sorry to hear that hun. mafia princess had an ectopic a few months ago. she usually hangs out in ttc afer mc/ectopic. I knwo she said she found it hard not knowing many people who had been through same thing, and she is lovely. I'm sure she wouldn't mind you emailing her if you have any questions. I found after my MC it helps a lot to talk with ladies who've been through the same as you.
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