I think I am out.....

Like the title says, I think I am out this month as just been to the loo and wiped away what appears to be AF (sorry tmi). I was expecting her next week so she is a week early! I was hoping that the sore (.) (.)'s were a positive thing but appears AF is on her way to get me full force so looks like CD1 for me.

Glass of wine for me tonight in the sunshine.
Good luck ladies. xx


  • Hi Sammy,

    I had this last week for a day or 2 which has infact turned out to be implantation so don't rule yourself out yet. What cd are you on? xx
  • Hey Wildthing,
    Well I was sort of hoping that maybe, just maybe it is so am keeping my fingers & toes crossed. I am on CD25 and had no clue when I ov.
    How are you doing?
  • I'm ok thanks hun, having some light pink and sometimes red spotting but not a lot so trying not to overthink things!
    Are your cycles usually 28 days? You are still in with a chance - have you bled heavily or just enough for a pantyliner? I ask as thats what mine was like.
    I'll keep everything crossed for you xx
  • I am sure everything will be fine with your little bean. Great news. My cycles are usually 29 days. So far not heavy but probably def enough for a pantyliner, it's more constant rather than just spotting if you nkow what I mean. I am not getting my hopes up as it really feels like AF symptoms - sore stomach, back aches etc but you never know. I am keeping your good news in my mind and hopefully the same thing happens for me. I will watch this space! Thanks hun.
  • Thanks hun. I'm sure you probably remember from one of my threads that I thought AF had arrived on monday - enough for a s.towel, i'd had a bfn on the sunday then on the tues I got the faint lines on cb! Bfp on the weds so there is definately a chance for you hun.
    Keep me posted xx
  • Hi MrsHappy,

    Sorry to hear the witch got you, 9 days late is a long time! Good luck and babydust for month 3 xx
  • Still none the wiser. I am sure it is AF but it is quite pinky, I def need a s.towel but it may be fading - am on serious knicker watch today!
  • Hi sammy,

    Just a point when I conceievd my daughter I was sure my AF was coming. I was bleeding on and off for a few days and had the "af pains" to the point I never bothered testing. My af's were all over the place and hadnt really bd'ed at all so figured I wasnt pg. But I was and I still bled on and off to the 20th week of my pregnancy !

    Sorry that was a long winded way to say dont give up hope, you can bleed and still be pg.
  • Hey Lambshop - thanks for your message. I am not giving up and also not getting my hopes up although hard not to! I think I will wait and see what happens and maybe test over the weekend. Not sure how soon I can test mind.
    Thanks again! x
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