Got my blood test results and....

got the all clear. This is good in one way but i know when i go to see doc on Tuesday he is gonne tell me to go away and wait another 6 months or something, i really hope not tho becasue i could bare being in limbo land again. I looked back at mymonthly cycles yesterday and so far i've had a 170dc, 26dc and now on cd47. Its driving me insane and dh is getting frustrated now to. ARGHHHHHH


  • Thats fantastic news! Lets hope your gp has something more positive that you can do to help you get your bfp. Good luck at docs xx
  • I am so pleased you got the all clear loveimage

    Do you suffer from PCOS?? Or is that what the blood test was for?

  • The blood tests were for progesterone, testosterone and the other hormone i can't remember what its called, its on the tip of my tong!! The women told me my results over the phone but i've made an appointment for Tuesday to see Doc to see what the next step is.
  • that's good news slow, glad to see you back too, lots of people have moved one so it's nice that there are still a few on here who've been here a while, but not for us that have obviously!
  • I'm still here, i guess we joined about the same time Sept/Oct last year. I wish i wasn't (in the nicest possible way as everyone is so lovely, just wish i was on pg forum and could take everyone with me).
  • That is really good news SLOW. At least you and the docs can concentrate on trying to get your cycles more regular without worrying if there is any other underlying cause. Good luck and hope you get your bfp soon.
  • Thats great news slow, know how you feel though had a quick blood test done to test for LH levels and thyroid and mine came back normal, waiting for my appointment for hospital for a scan and probably more blood tests. Its good to know that someone else having the same problems as me has got the all clear, this might help you to relax a bit more.
  • Thats good news about your blood tests. Hopefully when you see the doc on tuesday he'll be able to help you. I know my cycles were a bit erratic when I was ttc Zara & I was prescribed clomid from my GP though my hormone level were ever so slightly on the low side. I've spoken to her again & she says if nothing happens before aug & my cycle doesnt settle she'll presrcibe me some more. I'm just praying something happens before august or I'll drive myself crazy!!!!

    Good luck xx
  • Hi hun - thats great news! I had those tests too - mine were normal - it was only an internal scan that showed my PCOS - maybe you could suggest an internal scan on Tuesday!

    Well whatever happens on Tuesday I'll keep my fingers crossed for you!!!

  • That's good news. Heres hoping the doc can come up with a solution for you so you get your bfp sooner rather than later!
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