Just wanted to say

I am so excited about trying for a baby. I come off my pill this wed and it could not come fast enough and then I will hopfully get AF and then I can start trying woo hoo

Hubby and I have spoken about it today and all the bits we are looking forward to. It's a huge thing and I am sooooooo excited... can you you tell LOL

K xxx


  • Good luck hun. Has your doctor not recommended you to have 2 periods as the on you have when you come off your pill will not be a true period. I had to wait 2 months to start ttc.
  • To be honest I have not spoken to my doctor about it but spoke to a few girls on here who said for some couples should try as soon as they come of the pill as thier chances are higer than leaving it.

  • Good luck, it is exciting. I was on micronor and concieved lo 5 days after stopping!!!
  • Oh my god your joking image wow thats amazing. I am trying not to get my hopes up as I want to enjoy the whole thing however long it takes, but at the same time I am praying to god I fall preg as soon as I come off image

    K xxx
  • OOOOOOO good luck hun. Fingers crossed for you
  • Not joking, felt ov but had had 5 bottles of stella at a sunday afternoon bbq and thought no way was I going to get pg at 35 when your chances are reducing!!!!Best mistake I ever made!!!, so get trying!!.x
  • Thats great news and has given me new hope about going for it. I was going to wait three months but people have said it;s not so much as getting the pill out of your body and I have a Zita West book who says we should start trying as soon as I come off the pill so that made me even more certain.

    Thank you babymonkey75 I hope we are faced with no problems I know too many friends right now having problems so you can't help but stress.

    K xxx
  • Thanks honey image

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