can someone please explain all this lingo !!!

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  • Hi welcome to the site, everyone on here is so helpful and supportive it's nice to know that others are going through similar stuff to you. If you check out page 6 there is a post which has abreviations for the newbies which should help you.
    Clomid is a fertility drug given to women to help stimulate ovulation. It's only something you should have on recommendation of your doctor or gynae clinic. Hope this hels and good luck with TTc (trying to concieve) xx
  • There is an abbreviations list, I'll try to find it to bump it up for you. Welcome by the way. xx
  • awww thanks guys what a quick response I shall go seek & find it!

  • I bumped it!
  • wow thats a great help, thanks again I thought BFP was brought forward period!!
  • lol...erm no! image
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