TTC six months - going to Docs but nervous x - UPDATED

Hi girls

I just wondered if anyone else had been to Docs as I am really nervous. What do I say. I'm 36 so I can see doc after six months. Don't really know what to say or ask for. Can anyone give me
some advice?

Thanks girls x x

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  • Not really got any advice for you, sorry. But wanted to wish you luck - hopefully someone else will be more help.

    all the best x
  • Ah thank you sun shine. That's really nice. I don't think I've seen you around much. Are you new. Thank you for your reply x
  • aggrrr - stoopid machine ate my reply!!!

    I feel new Vicsy, still really feel like a complete novice when it comes to ttc. Been on BE since start of year but as I had exams last week I really had to limit my time online. Exams are over now though so I'm back and looking forward to getting to know folk properly and hopefully getting promoted to one of the 'due in' forums very soon!! lol x
  • just go in and be honest chick,have a note of your cycles etc they might be handy for them to look at,just explain about your age and ask whats the avenues for you to go down,all docs are different but im sure once you tell them youve been ttc for 6 month etc they will explaine everything to you xxx

    good luck
  • Hi Vicsy,

    Been lurking on here for a while but I haven't posted before. We have been ttc for 14 months, I am 35 so we went to the docs Feb. They will prob do general blood tests, including day 21 bloods for you and SA for hubby, my doc was really nice about it but didnt want to refer us until ben trying for a year (despite what NICE say).
    We have now been seen in gynae clinic, and awaiting results of hsg and day 2 bloods, all results normal so far.

    Hope this helps
  • It's pretty straightforward. They will ask how long you've been ttc. If you've been bd'ing regularly, how your cycles are, if you have probs with your cycles etc. Then, they'll send you for bloods and possibly SA for DP/DH.

    Then don't know what happens next as I am having another lot of bloods on Tuesday so I will let you know image
  • Ah thank you girls. Thank you so much for your replies. I think it's the unknown isn't it? Hubby is coming along too so that will be a relief. Wasn't sure how he would feel about bearing our souls to the doc lol. Jonzemonkey, I hope they don't want us to wait 12 months. I worry about my age now. That would make me 37 before they even looked into anything for us.

    Thanks again for your replies. It really does ease my mind having an idea of what may happen. I'll let you all know what happens tomorrow x
  • oooo good luck hun! not really got any advice, but hope everything goes well for you and they can maybe suggest something for you to get pg quicker lol xxxxx
  • Hi vicsy, sorry no advice just want to say good luck hun x
  • No advice for you but wishing you the best of luck xxx
  • just wanted to wish u lots of luck!!

    we went through this 3 years ago when we were 21 and 25. SA and bloods to check for OV came back fine, so i got sent to have a few scans to check for endo and fybroids which was also all ok, then sent for a dye to be put through my falopian tubes to make sure there was no blockages and to give them a little clean out! all was fine there....

    let us know how you get on hun.

  • Hi hun im going through the same as you at the moment. Im 32 and ben trying for a year now so thought should really go to the docs but was thinking to myself what do i say (feels a bit embarrasing). Anyway i had an appointment with the nurse for my hep a booster injection today and thought i would mention it to her and she said she make an appointment with the doctor and just let say youve been ttc for the last year but not conceived yet. The doc will prob ask whether cycles regular, whether youve been monitoring ov etc and then may take some bloods for analysis. Also hubs may need to have SA done.

    So my lovely seems we are in the same boat. Shall we keep each other updated? I'll have one oar and you can have the other! haha xx
  • GL to you and hubs. If it gets you a healthy baby, it'll be worth it!


  • Hi girls,

    Thank you so much for all of your kind words. It's so lovely to have so much encouragement, especially when you hit milestones such as 6 months which I know isn't anywhere near as long as some of you lovely ladies.

    Well, we went to docs. Thought I was going to miss appointment as got stuck behind every slow driver on the road after being held up at work. Anyway, hubby and I went in and doc was lovely. She has asked for day 21 bloods for me and SA for hubby. She said I may need a top up on rubella or something like that and that once results are back we can go back and discuss the results and decide if we want to be referred to a fertility clinic or wait a little longer and see what happens. I feel so much better now that she was nice and taken us seriously.

    Jay, it would be lovely to be your other oar, we can keep each other balanced. he he

    Soooooo, my day 21 is next Friday, hubby has to abstein for 2-3 days before so I thnk that will have to wait til next week as I will be ov'ing over the next few days lol. I'm not really counting so just seeing how things go this month.

    If all is ok with bloods and SA I think we would accept a referral just to get things moving and not have to wait til later as I think it's peace of mind for me. (I can be a little OCD ish) he he.

    Once again thank you so much for all of your lovely words.

    Lots of baby dust to all xxxx
  • Hi Vicsy, glad doctors went well. At least you can relax a bit now you know something is being done for you, whether or not you will need it. Me and Hubbie decided tonight that after this cycle if no bfp, we will try two more, then go to docs again if no bfp. Just making that decision made me feel a bit better. Hopefully we will both get or bfps before having to go much further down the medical route! x
  • Hi Samsa, you are exactly the same as me. I think just knowing that something is happening takes a weight off. We used a CBFM last month, but this month we are just having a relaxing month while I try to lose a little weight. I need another focus - lol. What can I say, OCD really does have a lot to answer for. lol.

    Fingers crossed neither of us need any intervention.

    V xxx
  • Hi V

    Glad you got a positive response from the docs, I am going through these tests at the moment.

    Hubby is taking his SA to hopsital on friday he has to do it and take it up within 30 mins.

    I have had the CD21 bloods done but only on CD35 of my cycle and also had everything checked on CD 1-5, have had a scan too.

    My doc only sent me for them because TTC and getting faint positives was making me anxious now it turns out I might have high hcg levels (cant see how) cos apparently it rises in early pregnancy but am still bit confused over it all.

    Anyway am glad you are going to get sorted hun and wish you a speedy BFP

  • Hi SD

    thank you for your reply. I hope hubby doesn't have to be that quick, he'll have to do it in loo's if it is lol. We are about 45 mins away on a good day lol.

    So have they told you why you would have a high hcg level? What did scan show? if yu don't mind me asking,

    Doc has only referred me for day 21 bloods, does that make a difference?

    Good luck with your results. Let me know how you get on.

    V xxx
  • hey vicsy!
    glad all went well at the dr!
    i think once you know that medically things are being looked into its a huge weight lifted!
    we were diagnosed with unexplained infertility in june 2008. we were told to expect to hear by jan 2009 about our first consultation for IVF...... i fell pregnant naturally in Nov 2008! i think once the pressure had been taken off..... we had stopped charting and being ttc obsessive after our appointment in the june ..... you relax and things can naturally happen!
    good luck to you all having tests and i think now you have a little weight lifted that you may get your bfp!

  • Hi Sweetassugar

    Thank you for your posts. I really do think once you know that everything is ok that your mind is put at ease. I'm nervouse about results when i finally give blood and stuff but feel so relieved that something is being done and at least I will know and if there is anything wrong the ball is rolling and at least I'll know.

    I do hope I'm lucky like yourself and get my bfp like you did.

    It is really nice to hear other people's experiences.

    Thank you

    V xx
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