right ok i'm back .......i know i am weak !! but

wel l i was trying to stay away but i cant i want to know if anyone else thinks this sounds promising... i need to pee about 6 times a day, i used to go almost all day from 9 to 5 sometimes!! bladder just feels full? my hair is greasy same evening i have washed in morning, i have got loads and i mean loads of cm? its like egg white stuff , but i am on cd23 of 28, one day is thick and white and last 2 is like egg white, feel like af is here but its just that stuff accompanied by cramps! the peeing thing might not sound much to some of you but to me its a big deal, cos i used to not even feel the need to go, i have even changed my shampoo but its not made any difference! My mood swings are like unbelievable, and tiredness i am tired all day, , i have tested but its bfn!! so i will test again in 6 days i think, if the old hag stays away!! i also keep getting cramps over a week now, and my nipples arent sore they just feel very very sensitive, this is the first month i have had all these,

sorry if tmi, and yes couldnt keep away cos your the only lot i can tell all this to, any normal people would think i was insane!!!! lol did i miss anything yesterday? xxx image :roll:


  • Hi there

    They all sound really really good babeimage Here is keeping everything crossed for you they say loads of cm which is like ewcm is a good sign so I really have got my fingers crossed for you.

    k xx

  • good to see you have come back, we all need your support as much as you need ours image i couldn't tell you anything about the symptoms as i'm only on month 2 of ttc and haven't had any symptoms as of yet lol
  • hi you two, well i am getting quite excited, went shopping yesterday and oh wouldnt let me lift anything he said you cant lift that you might be pg!! but all tests have been bfn and they were fr ones!!

    so k-lou whats going on with you? and xsamix anything new? xxx :\)
  • nothing new really lol, mymonthlycycles says i was fertile from yesterday and taking it till sat when i'm due to ov so me and oh bd'd last night and this morning asked if i felt pg! Lol, i think men don't understand our bodies don't work that quick!
  • I think it is a good sign my love image when are you due for af??

    i am ok been saying this all over the place but i had ewcm on sunday and monday first time since coming off the pill 4 months ago. I have had pains though since monday and today which are strong? I am due to ov today but I am petty sure it was yesterday so counting today as 1dpo.

    k xx


  • well af is due a visit 22nd, so we'll wait i bet the cow comes and pops my bubble!!! some months i used to get terrible ovulation pains i and i never knew what they were till i came on here!!! i used to think why the hell do i get period pains every 2 wks!! hopefully this will be both your months!! and i am going to cry if i get a bfn again, i binned all my cheapo ebay tests and bought a lorry load from boots fr ones, i'm sure i keep getting the duff ones! lol :\( still got a slight crampy feeling on my left side too, never really been a one for cm spotting! but i have so much so close to af i cant understand it? well heres to us and lets hope it s our turn!! xx babydust xxxxx


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