Help please - ovulation???

I stopped taking the pill 2 weeks ago. The first week I had the usual 'fake' period. I just want to know if I could have ovulated in the last week? Being completely new to this TTC lark I've been reading various books etc. I noticed on thursday that my CM was quite slippery, but then I don't know what it is normally like, having been on the pill for 10 years. Just worried as due to husband's job we only managed to BD at the start of the week, and I really don't want to have missed the only time in the month I might get pregnant. :\? :\? :\?


  • hello

    the first cycle after the pill can vary, when i came off the pill ot TTC DS i didnt ovulated until CD50 odd and this time i OVed on CD19 after the pill, it can vary greatly from woman to woman after the pill,

    before ovulation (OV) you usually get wet CM then egg white type, it is clear and when stretched between finger and thum stretches without breaking,

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