soooo tempted to test!

talk me out of it girls plz i'm 10-11 dpo and am not supposed to be testing but really really want to!


  • step away from the try hold off another couple of days you more likely to get your
  • Tee hee!! You'll only be annoyed at yourself if you do! I want to test on Xmas eve as I have a big night out so want to know if I can have a glass of bubbly or not, but I know it's too early (will be 12dpo) and I should wait.
    It's not easy! Stick with it hun x x
  • Good Luck Hope you get your bfp hun xxxx
    gems x
  • haha i know i'm just impatient! don't want to see a bfn any earlier than i have to though!
  • noooooooo don't do it! :lol: wait another few days and that way the line will be so bright and clear, it'll have been worth the wait image xx
  • no good asking me - it would be hypocritical of me to tell you not to when I jsut tested at 11dpo! LOL.
    Got BFN and you probably will too as it is too early!! Apparantly the best time is from13/14 dpo onwards.
    good luck x
  • huni i'm loving the pma on my behalf image and lol at snugglenush nice to know i'm not the only impatient one!
    (mutters to self) i will not test i will not test i will not test...
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