help what shall i say

I work with 3 family members. And i need to go to the doctors on friday for a bloody test, but i dont want them to know why. What can i tell them, yesterday i used im takin the cat to the vet im scared they get suspious. Any ideas on what i can say? x


  • Hi Hun
    I would say you need to go and get a repeat prescription for something? Or say you are going to the Drs, but just say it is a routine appointment.

    hope you can cover it well
  • G/c but.... could you be getting repeat prescription of pill or other contraceptive ? Personal enough that no one will ask anymore questions and throw them off the ttc scent. S x
  • if only it was this simple ladies. my sister who works with me knows i got to the after work family planning clinic ( well use to) to get my pill as she goes to, so that wont work. Im also 24 so she will question why im having a smear test as they dont give you them till ur 25. other wise im completely heathly, oh why do doctors not open late lol. x
  • any large moles you could get checked out!
  • How about pretending you have a bladder infection first thing Friday morning and you could only get an appt at whatever time you are going.

    You'll have to take some cranberry juice in to make it look real image
  • Going from your other post why dont you just tell them the truth, well kind of. Just say that you havent had a period in a while and you did a PG test and it was negative so docs just wanna check you out. Either that or just say its personal. You shouldnt really have to explain to em xx
  • Yeah you shouldn't have to explain, but I understand your predicament ! Say you need an appointment as you think you may have a urine infection or something like that? x
  • How's about something that they won't ask too many questions about? Like piles?!?! Horrible, I know, but they might leave you alone!! Or just getting your blood pressure checked? Or a colesterol test? Oh I could go on for days!! :lol:
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