in 2WW...or not?!


i THINK i am in my first ever 2WW! how exciting! but dont want to get too excited, as i was only CD10 when i OV - had very dark lines on OV test, but no CM or anything else! tested yesterday to check if line had got any darker, and there was absolutley no line at all.
i am guessing i did OV, otherwise the test wouldnt have shown anything, right?

here's to 2 weeks of SS then!!! teehee! :lol:


  • It sounds like you are defo in your 2ww...horray!!! I'm now 11dpo roughly so I think I'm going to do a SD test tomorrow, eek!!! I'm so nervous! If it's good news which I REALLY hope it is then I've got a CBD ready to do on friday morning so that I can surprise hubby when he gets home on friday night...then we're off on hols on satuday and it's my birthday! But that would all just be too perfect so I doubt it will happen!!
    Good luck!! xx
  • yay! thanks for reply mrsS - oh wow, that would be SO good if you got your BFP just before hols AND birthday! got my fingers crossed so tight for you! do you have any symptoms? will you be able to keep the good new s from hubs for that long?! god...i would burst!!!! xx
  • Thank you! No I don't have any symptoms image other than bad wind and occasional cramps. So not too hopeful but trying to stay positive - I somehow feel like it might have happened but that may be wishful thinking!!! I think it would be so hard to keep it from hubby but I won't see him tomorrow after I've done the test, I'll just speak to him on the phone so I'd just have to try and keep it quiet on Thursday! I don't think I would believe it until I'd seen the words pregnant on the CBD so as long as I can stop myself from doing that until Friday I should be ok!!
    How many dpo are you?? xx
  • hey mrsS - i am currently 3DPO, so not that far gone, wish these two weeks would hurry up!!
    its so exciting that you are testing today!! let us know as soon as you know!
    and good luck keeping quiet on the phone later image
    the symptoms sound good too, and that 'feeling' is a good sign, i think!
    fingers crossed and look forward to hearing your result!
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