Earliest date to POAS......???

Hi girls, Just a quicky, what is the absolute earliest date you can POAS and get a BFP??

I know we're supposed to wait until af is due but how early can it be done and which ones can we use for early detection?

I am desperate to test now!! Feeling very strange and I know it is WAY WAY too early (only 5 dpo) but when can I???!!!




  • Noooo dont test yet its much too early!! If its bfn you will feel down until af due date, if you can hold out at least a few more days or if possible af due date. fingers crossed for you hun. xxx
  • first response you can now test 6 days b4 af is due, x
  • Tummy is feeling REALLY heavy but not painful. A very strange sensation!! I know it's too early to POAS or even to symptom spot really but I'm so impatient!! Trouble is, I'm on holiday after tomorrow and won't be back on here until 10th June so I won't have you guys to share either BFP or BFN with.......boo.

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