So annoyed with myself

Went out last night for a drink and meal with a friend, we ended up sharing 2 bottles of wine (with food). Didn't feel so bad when we were heading home so went out to meet hubby and his friend who were also out. Ended up having a huge row with the 2 of them, I can't even remember why but I do remember thinking at the time how I was over-reacting and should stop now. Anyway have apologised and apologised to husband, he went to work and said "look don't worry but we'll talk tonight" and I'm so upset at myself. I also obviously need to apologise to his friend who is a lovely bloke (specially as I ruined their evening). So feeling very sorry for myself today .. especially as I know full well its my fault. Sigh ...:cry:


  • Oh dear I've been there done that!! Wine is fatal with me!! I try to keep off it now under any circumstances! xx
  • Yes I think your right, if I want a drink I really think I need to find something else. Beer or cider don't really affect me so badly they just bloat me really badly.
  • yeah Lager bloats me and wine sends me loopy , I can drink bacardi and diet coke all night and not even feel drunk so I stick to that now, I thought I was going to lose my OH after the last 'carry on' it was that bad and I vowed and promised him I would never do it again! I'm lucky he stuck by me the way I behaved!! It always seems to happen when there was an anniversary/birthday looming cos it always brought home that my dad isn't here (he passed away at 53 years old 3 years ago from a brain tumour), it seemed to be a pattern with these 'drinking do's'!! I think I've learned to control it now! fingers crossed xx
  • oooh yeah I stay away from wine it gets me super drunk super quick then it makes me feel tired and headachy. I can drink malibu and coke all night and Ill just feel a little typsy and in a great mood. Good for a night out!
    Come to think of it I havent got 'out of it' since 2005 before being pg with felicity. good hey xxx
  • I am sorry to hear about your Dad. Drink does strange things! I must say I deliberately didn't frink for a while, not just because of TTC but because I thought I might get way too emotional as my Dad passed away suddenly last year. I have also found Birthdays, Fathers Day quite hard.
    I hope all is forgiven and if it was something to do with anniversaries and losing your Dad hopefully OH will understand that. Take care and if you ever fancy a chat I am usually lurking around here!x
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