Hi Girls!

Hi girls just wanted to say hi, missing you all! Hope to see u all in PG soon. i'm 7 +5 now and meet my midwife on friday, and have my scan on 16th of april. very excited and its all starting to sink in now! just wanted to share with u how hard the first few weeks can be, omg when ppl tell u, u will be tired- they mean u will be unbelievably knackered! all the time! i have also had horrendous nausea which ive had to take meds for but they help A LOT. so i advise all my beloved TTCers to rest as much as poss now and as soon as u get ur bfp cuz soon sleep will be the only thing u want to do! not to put u off tho, obviously its all worth it. There have been a few MCs in DIO which is just heart breaking, and i know u girls will look after girls like Z, angel kisses and the rest. i hope we all have a big reunion in PG soon, especially u pozzee pod and sparkling diamond! Good luck and baby dust girls, dont give up xxxxx



  • oops silly me, as my ticker just reminded me, im 7+6 not 5 lol!
  • Aw thanks sianyp77 for the kind words of wisdom hun.

    Wow cant believe you are 7 + 6 already only seems like yesterday when you announced your BFP.

  • i know 8 weeks tomorrow cant believe it! when r u testing hun???? gd luck x
  • Eek I have tested this morning with FMU and got a very very faint line but I wont believe a BFP until line gets strong enough and I can do a CBD.

    Think af is due sun 21st but I have had varying long cycles, I know I ov around 7th Mar due to my smiley on CBD xx
  • a line is a line yay xxx
  • Sianyp - that's so nice of you. I haven't even congratulated you yet - think I must have been on hols. Yaaaayyyy for you and your bean. Awesome news.
    I think we're going to do another couple of 'see how it goes months' and then if it hasn't happened I will have to start doing it 'properly'. Pozzee's getting Pregnant Project!!! Keep us posted please. It's so good hearing first hand how these things feel.
    Sparkling Diamond - siany is right. I line is a line. Congrats to you.
    I came into work super early this morning, so will do a victory lap around my office for you both while no one is around!!!
    *gets up and starts jogging in her heels praying no one walks in*
    All the love in the world to you both.
  • congrats sainy sorry for G/C

    wow sparkling diamond fingers crossed for you on the darker line keep us posted as i know the last time you body was playing up xxx


  • No congrats yet as I want to confirm it with a CBD, thanks PP for the victory lap hun I have been smiling all week cant quite believe it and I wont until af is late!! the next few days are gonna be hell on earth.

    Thanks Emma yeah I know my damn body has been playing me up so who knows hun xx
  • me and bean have fingers and toes crossed for you hun, so you should know sunday, what a fab way to end the weekend, i shall check in with u sunday morning, try a first response. their lines are reliable. xxxx
  • Am so upset just done an SD test and have had to drink 2 glasses of juice to be able to pee, anyway am convinced am getting v.faint lines again but hubby just refuses to believe it and says its all in my head.

    I just want to smack him right now!! hes on his xbox and am doing my avon order but am so flipping mad right now.

    He thinks that faint lines dont exist and I should be able to get a line he can see and even then he said he wont believe it until he sees a CBD.

    Stupid man!!

  • Sparkling diamond, I could be wrong so double check this, but I think drinking lots of liquid before a test can affect the result. If I am wrong, please someone, shoot me down. I wonder if that is potentially affecting the results???
    Husbands can be a pain in the ar5e. I have had similar from mine - you can't be pregnant unless there is CLEAR LINE on a test or it says UP THE DUFF etc on a CBD. I wish there was a test that said YES YOUR WIFE IS PREGNANT YOU MORON, GET OFF THE XBOX/PS3 AND START BEING A GENTLEMAN!!!
    I think it's because they have no clue about the physical symptoms, so you might have missed a period, have sore boobs, etc etc but unless a piece of plastic that you wee on says it, they don't believe it.
    Oh I didn't expect to write all of that. Sorry for the rant. Hugs to you Sparkling.
  • that is how my fella keeps doing saying its all in your head theres no line there when theres is lol maybe it was an evap line for me but there was one there oh well men will be men i am lucky as my OH don't go on his xbox or ps3 much only when the kids go to bed and then some times trys to get me off here so we can spend time together lol we do sit next to each other so doing different is ok lol


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