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when to test?

how long after implantation can you test. I 'think' i had an implantation bleed yesterday morning (well hoping it was anyway). Af due wednesday, shoul i wait til then or is i possible to get a possitive now?

any advice appreciated
Sarah x


  • Hi, sorry to G/C! I am waiting for my test date after IVF, got my embies transfered yesterday, so have been researching when tests will work etc! If your due AF on Wed, you could maybe try on Monday, but Tuesday would be better, if its a BFN, try again on Wed when it should be pretty definate if you use a really good one like clearblue digital. Your HCG will NOT be strong enough yet as it takes 4 days approx to implant completely.

    Keeping everything crossed for a BFP for you x
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