This really made me think....

This is probably a bit o/t but it just made me feel so sad.

Our supervisor came into work this morning all suited and booted so i started messing around telling him how smart he looked etc. He told me he was going to a funeral image.... i apologised for messing around when he was going to something so serious.

He said he is going to a funeral of a stillborn baby....this nearly broke my heart in two!!! Apparently the lady got pregnant a while ago and gave birth to a still born who had not made it to full term and had to bury him/her. She then got pregnant again and went to full term and gave birth to another stillborn.

I don't know the lady but i just feel so much for her and her partner. She has been given the gift of pregnancy twice only for it to be ripped away along with her heart i would imagine.

It just makes me think, we all get so stressed out because it takes us so long (we think) to conceive and when we do most of us go on to have healthy babies. I am not saying we all whinge or anything because i am exactly the same as you guys but hearing something like this also makes me feel lucky in a way that i haven't had to go through the heartache that this lady is going through!!!

Sorry for the little rant but i just had to say something as i feel so so so sorry for her. I also have the utmost respect for the ladies in TTC after bereavement!!!!

Tink xxxxx


  • oh god that is so tragic, to go through that once is heartbreaking but twice?? I couldn't imagine. I hope she goes on to have a healthy baby in the future xxx
  • I know what you mean pet.

    One of my friends has a beautiful 13 year old daughter who has recently had her second heart transplant. To come so close to losing her little girl once was awful, but when the first donor heart started rejecting after 2 years the whole family went through hell thinking they were going to lose her.

    Luckily with only hours to spare, a new donor was found to be a match, and fingers crossed she is well along the long road to recovery.

    It makes you realise how lucky you are though, and how very precious life is. xx
  • My son was stillborn 8 weeks ago this Saturday, i was 27 + 2, he was perfect but had got tangled in the umbilical cord which cut off his circulation. It's the most awful thing for any parent to go through, but for this lady to go through it twice is so unfair!! We had to go through the process of having a post mortem done and then the funeral, although it was just me and my partner at the funeral. To me it was our loss and our grief and I didn't want anyone else there.

    We do moan about the slightest things when we're pregnant without realising just how lucky we are. I sometimes have a peek in the "due in dec" forum as I was due on the 15/12 and moaning is all they do!! I sometimes want to post something shouting at them that are so bloody lucky and should be grateful for the swollen ankles and not being able to sleep etc, because I would give anything to be in that very position right now!! I'm hoping to be in that position again in 9 months time!! And I've got plenty of PMA.

  • Oh Dotty, I really feel for you pet, that is so sad. xx
  • Oh Dotty, i think that is so sad!!! It is my worst night mare and i really feel for the people who have to go through it! I hope you get the baby you want and i hope your little man RIP image xx
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