Fertility Friend is messing me around

hey ladies,

Well as most of you know i've been doing BBT this cycle. Everything was great the day before it said ill ov I got cramping and just felt like it was coming. We BD'd and everything was great.

So i did my temp this morning (might you it was heaps later) and the stupid chart changed and said i was 4DPO


  • What have you got the ovulation detector set at? dpo only shows up when you have a few higher temps in a row. xxx
  • when my temp went down then straight up it said i ov on the lower temp... its so comfusing
  • Hun, your temp rise is just to indicate that you should have already OV'd. So your temp spike is the day after you have OV'd. On my ff, the day before my temp spiked was indicated as my OV day.

    FF just doesn't pick it up until you've had at least 3 high temps. It is confusing all this ttc business. You ok sweetie? xxx
  • Yeah im ok... Just having a bit of a down month i guess.. i'll be fine.

    Yeah it is confusing Ive been trying for a yr this cycle and ive never done my bbt or OPK's so its all new to me
  • Aww hun, hopefully you won't have to get used to it and that you get your bfp soon (((hugs))) xxx
  • I really hope so... but i kinda feel selfish saying it.
    A yr is sure a long time tho, even more when the doctor says we're perfectly healthy... Ah well my time will come...

    Hows your cycle going Cass?
  • ok so I called my mums friend today (who is a fertility nurse) and she told me you ov 14 days before your next AF and im always on a 28 DC... and also because i did my temp so late in the arvo its wrong.. PPPPHHHHEEEWWW!

    So i did ov when i thought i did and the chart just got a little mixed up because i temped too late.

    Feeling a little more relaxed now, sore boobs are killing me and taste buds been a little weird see how i go testing on Tuesday Fingers Crossed!
  • Good luck lovely xxx
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