I need some advice please

ok this post is going to have WWAAYY to much INFO image but i really am unsure what to do.....


OK well AF never came i have spent 3 days now with pink(brown) cm only when i wipe and i have so much cm i have got to use a pad..... Now today i have felt so sick and i was feeling poorly and thought i was going to faint..... My AF pains have gone and i have a ache in my back now my AF pains are usually with me the whole time i bleed and bad enough to take mads for them........

Also i went to the loo and (cough - wispering) my lady garden is on fire imageops: I haven't had this EVER... well little lie i had something like this when i found out i was preg with my boy.......

I have spent the day crying yesterday over NOTHING imageops: and wind :lol: i could blow up my building

What do u think ladys???? I really dont want to get my hopes up only to have the witch come in a day and my hopes are smashed :cry:

In the whole 18 months off ttc i havent had this :roll:

Help !! :\) sorry if its TMI image

gems xxxxx:roll:


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