Could I be???

So - I'm very very borrdy and ready to TTC but DH isn't and so we're waiting until next year. I came off the pill in April and we used condoms. I started using Persona at the start if my current cycle and followed it to the letter (even though there were a lot of "red" days where we had to abstain or use condoms)

My usual cycle length is 29/30 days and today I am on CD 33...........

Now for the ridiculous symptom spottingimage
i) about 10 days ago I had what felt like period cramps - could this be implantation?
ii) I'm shattered
iii) I permanently feel like a need to pee

I caved and did a test yesterday and it was negative. however, I did do the test at 11am and had drunk a lot of water and been to the loo several times already by then.

When do I do my next test??


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