Look at the above link - I just googled''longest time taken to get +ve PG test'' and there are sooo many stories here - one person didn't get the BFP until she was 3mths PG!!! There is hope for all us people on long cycles!!

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  • That was interesting. thanks for the post
  • Wow I can't believe that thats so long, would the doctor not give a blood test?

  • K-lou - here is what she put ''1st pregnancy- 14 weeks along, postive at doc.'s office, had tested at 10 weeks and came up negative 2nd- test 1 week after missed period came up positive- lost at 5 weeks 3rd- tested positive(very light line) on april 7th- was 13 days late. 3 previous negative tests up till that time. Still going strong ; ) =''
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