Anyone else trying NOT to symptom spot?!

just wondered if anyone else is trying not to spot pregnancy symptoms, this is only our first month of trying but everytime i get a slight feeling of nausea, twinges in my stomach, or feel the need to go to the loo more than twice in a day i keep thinking i may be pg. but i am sure it is all in my head!!

someone stop me please!! x


  • Hi Nina, it's only going to get worse!!!

    Sympton spotting is something that we are all very good at on here!! If you try not to then we sure as hell will help you!!!

    I haven't yet found a way to stop it. I suppose it's just a case of get on with normal life and keep as busy as possible!!


  • I agree MrsHopeful...haven't managed to NOT do it yet! You feel a twinge, you automatically consider...

    I'm looking for ones not previously had before, since coming off the pill. So kinda trying to be specific?

    Good luck Nina_W, but you might be sucked in! image xx

  • i think my boobs are growing!!
  • mini510-0 - lol!!

    I have tried not to symptom spot - and was definitely AWFUL my 1st month!! I am with mithical and looking for different things now!!

    If you can stop yourself - congratulations!! But it is really difficult not to!!
  • thanks girls, you have made me ten times worse now!!! nevermind i am gonna test on the 7th july, at least then if it is bfn (or bfp) i can stop symptom spotting!!
  • If any of you find out how to stop yourselves, tell me.

    Someone told me I looked tired yesterday. Instead of thinking 'well, yes, no make-up on, have just done a dance class and had a long day working after a late night: it makes sense' I immediately thought 'it MUST be because I'm pg. Its the only solution!'
  • i want to know how to stop too so once you know how to stop let me know! good luck tho x
  • You never stop LOL no matter how much you tell yourself you don;t because you want it sooo badly everything could be something you know.

    I told myself second month into it that there is no way I would Symptom spot, .....well have you seen all my post!!!!


    k XX
  • I am exactly the same, this is our first month of ttc too and Im trying not to think too much, but its sooooooo hard. Roll on the 1st July when I will know either way x
  • I am failing misurably. I have managed to stop documenting potential symptoms only because it is so annoying when AF turns up. You can't help what happens in your mind though and my mind debates it all the time!
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