Bloody f***ing OPKs - need some help lovlies!

Ok so have been testing using Boots OPKs, nothing yet. This morning I have a slight temp dip, I have had EWCM today and tested at 4.30ish with the OPK and nada, not a bloody thing! Have I ovulated, am I going to? Oooh fuzzitrated now!




  • Hey Cass,

    Can't really help with the temp dip as I know nothing about temping but if you have EWCM I would think that you are going to OV soon?!?

    What CD are you and when do you normally OV hun? x
  • Hi hun - good luck - I went thru 2 boxes of opk's and not one smiley face - yes - I was silly and did buy the most expensive ones!! But just wanted to let you know that you are not alone. Keep bding - try the smep plan, that way you know you gave it a good chance!!
  • Hi grils, thanks for replying!

    BB, I'm CD13, usually OV around CD14, I think (when I get OV pains). But last month AF came 5 days late! Stupid witch! lol!

    Bronz, am on the SMEP so will keep bd'ing every other day, although we cheated and bd'ed on CD11 - tee hee! You're brave buying the CB ones, although I like the idea of a smiley face! xxx

    We are having fun though, am just paranoid that I missed my LH surge! xxx
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