Very nervously moving over from planning :)

Hi Ladies,

Just wanted to introduce myself. I've been over in planning for a little while now waiting for first AF after coming off the pill mid Jan and she arrived yesterday so i guess i'm officially on CD1 image

I am so nervous about TTC, can't get money worries out of my head for some reason, even though there really are none at the minute, just worried about coping on OH's wage and SMP for a couple months :roll:

Hope everyone's well, look forward to getting to know you all.

Babydust to you all!! (Wish me luck!)


PS. Is the rude veg still working?


  • Hi hun and welcome, we are a lovely bunch on here, everyone is so friendly and supportive.

    I still have my rude veg but so far it hasnt worked for me but others on here have used it and it has worked for them.

    Good luck xx
  • I need to get me some rude veg, Welcome to this bit of the forum.
    Have to agree with Sparkling diamond, everyone is super lovely here, even if its just to moan about stuff image
    Good luck with ttc,
  • Thanks for your replies ladies!

    Let's hope for us all to be moving to due in november this month

  • Hi Lady2188, im new to all this too, what is this about rude veg? do i need to get some? lol xx
  • *waves hello*

    My rude veg hasn't worked yet, but holding out! image Welcome to TTC image xx
  • Hi! I have recently moved over from Planning too. I had my implant out two weeks ago tomorrow and hoping very much that I get a real AF soon so I know things are ticking over as they should be... I'm soooo envious of anyone having proper cycles while I wait for mine (never thought I'd be so keen to see AF, lol!) but hoping I'll be there before long!

    Enjoying lots of UPSI in the meantime, hehe!

    Good luck and lots of baby dust to all! xx

    I had rude veg, but I changed it yesterday as I was annoyed at it for not getting me my BFP!! :lol:

    I came off the pill October 5th, had rubbish long cycles of 54 days and 81 days, am on CD8 today and hoping and praying for more normal cycles now!! And I have sworn with hubby that however long this cycle is, we will BD every other day without fail (started on CD6!) so we def won't miss OV!! Last month we gave up after about CD40!!! image

    Good luck, I hope your cycles go back to normal super quick and you have that BFP before you know it xx
  • I'm really lucky that i came off the pill the beginning of Jan, had withdrawal bleed, ov'd 2 weeks or so later and then AF showed up pretty much expected. But i'm well aware of how rare that is on the 1st month! Hopefully i'm just as lucky on the whole TTC front!

    PrincessA, there was a point when i was a lurker on the planning forum that those who had little pictures of rude veg got BFP's. Perhaps if i haven't got my BFP in a couple of months i'll see if i can re-start that lucky rude veg streak :lol:

    Babydust and regular cycle dust to all of you :\)
  • hi lady2188 welcome to ttc! you're going to love/hate it! my rude veg hasn't worked so far (maybe its a dud and i should find a different one if it hasn't worked this month!) though i don't see many of them around anymore so they've obviously been working for some people!
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