This thread is a repeat of one that was around a few months ago when I was last on here! SSA - symptom spotters anonymous!

After being really good for a few months and relaxing, I'm back as a fully fledged member...

*coughs.....blushes....stands up...*My name is Clare and I am an obssesive symptom spotter....

After a few cycles of 32 days I'm now on day 36, although think I ov late and if I am right would be 10DPO today. Few AF like twinges today, but not as bad as usual, slightly sore boobs, and going to the loo every five minutes.....oh and have googled "10 DPO symptoms" about 100 times today!! :lol:

Anyone else want to join???

Clare x


  • im the same am 5dpo and honestly since sun have had low abdo pains tue were really bad and woke me up. Have no idea what it is as when i googled it says the egg does not implant until 6 to ten days so im stuck!.
    Will try not to think about it but its ssooooo hard im a def symptom spotter!
  • hi. im angela and im ashamed to say that first month in and i think i am already a ssa. i have tried my best not to but it just not possible.

    i have sore boobs/ im quesy all the time unless i eat/ twinge in my abdominal area /this morning my gums were so sore when brushing. god i have no patience for

    im around 10dpo.
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