Anyone else waiting for first AF after coming off pill?

Hello ladies,

As the title says came off my pill (cilest) end of april and had withdrawal bleed on 4th may for a few days. Now on CD33 and no sign of AF! I know that's not a hugely long cycle yet but just thought if there's other people waiting as well we can support each other in case we're in for the long haul!

I've done a few preg tests and all definite BFNs. i so stupidly thought that i would be one of the lucky ones that caught first time. I know that's stupid but i think it was wishful thinking.

Anyone want to join me?


  • Hi hun

    I'LL join ya!
    I came off pill 4th may had bleed 8th till 10th and now on cd 29th and test yesterday was a bfn lol x
  • im in the same boat to, 1st af since stopping should be due tom/mon. she is defo on her way because iv been evil the last 2 days. i really hoped if we tried loads it could happen. it took 10 months of trying for our little girl and i dont want to go through that stress again esp as my periods got longer and more more irregular the longer it went on.
  • brand new to this site so apologise now for not understanding all these codes!

    i finished on my pill (yasmin) on the 29th april.. i have come off to try for a baby,.. when on the pill i had breakthrough bleeding that was like another period for at least 50% of the month. come off pill and i havent bled once!!! so i have had over 30 days of no bleeding!! which is v unusual for me.. so who knows, just waiting for it to happen i guess! :\?

    x Em
  • Hi
    I came off the pill last May and it took 7 weeks for me to have a period x
  • Hi everyone. Thanks for joining in, nice to have people to chat to in similar situations.

    hols 81, I seem to be just a few days ahead of you, hope you get Af or BFP soon. Are you trying for first baby?

    siandonna, hope your AF comes as you expect it to. I really never even considered mine wouldn't come bang on 28 days. The only reason being if i got BFP, how wrong i was!!!

    emmacook, welcome to the site hun. You'll soon get used to all the abbreviations and be using them yourself. When you start to use them in a sentence in your real world that's when you should start to worry, hehe.

    KellyB23, thanks for your story, are your periods back to a regular cycle now?

    I have been reading a few posts on here and speaking to some really helpful ladies (thank you Kernow) and had been suggested OPKs so i bought a box of 30 FR ov tests (on offer) and have been using for past three days and have randomly got a very stong positive on one today which i wasn't expecting. I am gonna make sure we BD loads over the weekend in case my cycle was just hugely long this month and only just ov'ing now. What do you guys reckon?


  • i used them and my line got darker twice this month. im really not sure how accurate they are.
  • Hi ladies,

    Any of you still waiting for AF? We BD'd twice over weekend incase was ovulating and hopefully caught it if i was. Had big cramps in left side for two days and my nipples have been really sensitive, not sure if thats a sign of ovulation?

    Now on CD38 and waiting. Hoping that I'm now in 2ww and will either get a AF or (hopefully) BFP in a week and a bit.

    How's everyone else getting on?

  • im on cd32, im really annoyed with my self as i let the bd fizzle out thinking we were on the 2ww but maybe iv still not ov. it would be ok if i knew when she was coming. it was really weird as i got my usual symptoms and was really hormonal but nothing! iv done a million tests too and all bfn grrrrr!
  • It's sooo frustrating isn't it. Once you have got BFN you just want Af so you can start again.
  • HI wispa
    Sorry 4 delay I came on on wot would have been cd30 so my 1st cycle off pill was 29days,I'm now cd5 and feeling positive,I'm trying 4 baby no3 lol x
  • Yay, glad you didn't have long to wait hols81. Good luck for this month. I'm hoping 5DPO today so fingers crossed for me too
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