taking a step back

The last three times AF arrived I got so down and instead of just having some chocolate and snuggle up to OH on the day AF arrived I started stuffing my face constantly because I felt like such a failure because I was still not pregnant(been trying since August last year so not all that long).
Well, I don't own scales and I somehow managed to ignore what I looked like in the mirror. I don't know what opened my eyes to what I have done to my body but I finally bought new scales and put on 3st image You must all think I am nuts because how could an adult just neglect their body like that...I have no explanation but I am going to loose that weight again.
So until it is gone I will not ttc actively to give myself a better chance of having a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby.
I am disappointed about that but it is my own fault.

I hope you don't all think that I am a total pig :cry:


  • aw... hun dont let your weight gain get you down.

    I have also gained weight... bout 1 stone!

    I think its the fact that were hoping that we will be pregnant soon so what does it matter if we put weight on....... do u get me?

  • thanks sarahh, I know what you mean so when I started looking a little blobbier I wasn't too bothered xxx

    but I am putting myself at risk now because the weight gain took me from already overweight to obese...
  • omg shuck and sarah, i could of writen this myself, i have been doing exactly the same! every 2ww i have, i get hungry eta sh!t loads, and then think, o well i may be pg, so i need it, then i get bfn, and have just put weight on lol, also then pig out when af comes too! its a horrible circle! i hope you manage to loose it fast, and u get ur well deserved bfp soon shuck xxxx
  • thanks *me*, I am glad to hear that I am not the only one who got pulled into this vicious cycle.

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