:D Woo hoo not long till XMAS am so excited!!!!

So girlies its only 13 days till xmas

Whats your favourite part of xmas and what do you love doing with your OH??

For me I love curling up on the sofa and watching soppy xmas movies like Santa Clause the movie and really old classic films.

I love eating xmas dinner and spending time with my hubby (been married 6 months) so first married XMAS!!! and I love going visiting people.

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  • 1st xmas alone with DH so was thinking abt sex under the tree...LOL

    perhaps that helps to get a bean because presents are under the tree, right?

    def my favourite thing athough my lo is 3 so i love the whole santa thing now.xxx
  • I love visiting everyone on Xmas eve with prezzies, it takes ages and we drink loadsss of cups of tea but its lovely to see everyone and all the kiddies in the family.

    Then home, shower and clean bedding ready for Santa image xx
  • Grrr I keep double posting... Maybe thats why I have done so many posts and it's nothing to do with me being addicted to BE :lol:

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  • Shuck ha ha that made me laugh would be a bit difficult to manoeuve under the tree tho he he!!

    MMM Xmas dinner I am making dinner for me, dh and the in laws this year we have a flipping huge turkey coming our way i think its 25Ib which everyone has been taking the mick out of me for but dh ordered it from his mates dad as he rears them!!!

    Oh well so if anyone knows any good turkey recipes send them my way cos looks like we could be eating turkey every night!!!

  • Shuck, thats brilliant!! Make sure he's on top, he can get the splinters in his arse!!

    I usually love Christmas Eve, but my son (nearly 10) has informed that Santa does not exist and he knows that I brought the presents!! So, this year I think it will be the present opening on Christmas morning that i'll enjoy the most, perhaps this is the first year i'll get the credit for the pressies, YAY!!

    Have a good one everyone xx
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