CBFM - some advice please

Hi Ladies,

Could i please have sum advice? I have bought a cbfm and will be using it 4 the 1st tym this month. on all the ovs tests iv done done b4 they say not to use fmu, however it seems i have to with the cbfm? im i correct in thinking this?

Thanx 4 all ur help:\?



  • Yeah it says you have to with cbfm, not sure why?! I did last cycle but i might do it in the afternoon this cycle if i can? Can i change my testing window time with each cycle or not does anyone know?
  • Hi ladies, the CBFM tests not only for the presence of LH but also oestrogen in your urine so FMU is best to use as it's most concentrated, the monitor uses the information to determine your 'peak' days more accurately than normal ov tests that you need to use in the evening.
    You can change your test time window for each cycle, just remember when you are due to press the 'm' button to do it in the middle of the time frame you want and it has to be at a time when you can use FMU

    Hope that helps!

    Jo xx
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