Luteal Phase Deficiency

Just wondered whether anyone suffers from luteal phase deficiency where there may not be enough time from ovulation to AF for endometrium to thicken and for implantation to occur?


  • Hi not sure if i do or not as haven't been checked out at the doc's yet but i have been getting spotting roughly 1 week before AF is due. Spoke to the nurse at my doctors surgery who said this could be the problem. She recommended i go in to get get my bloods checked etc. We have been TTC for 10 months now with no luck!

    Lou xx
  • Thanks for replying Lou. I think I may have this too as due AF next Sunday but had symptoms of OV'ing yesterday and today, which won't be enough time for implantation! Grrrr

    I have read that Vitamin B6 can help with this.

    I think I will make an appointment with doc next week to get some tests done.

    Hope all goes well with you xx
  • I've got a short luteal phase which after blood tests was found to be a symptom of slightly low progesterone levels. I conceived my ds when my luteal phase was just 10 days though so it is possible.
    This time my luteal phase started at just 7 days but a daily dose of 50mg B6 increased it to 11 and I now have my bfp.
    Good luck girls, its worth getting tested but if your lp is short it doesn't have to be a bad thing x
  • Hi Squirrel,

    I was worried about this and posted a similar topic a few months back. I had a 28 day cycle but OPKs and CBFM showed that I was OVing around CD21. Lots of ladies posted to say that they had got BFPs with short LPs and gone on to have successful pregnancies.

    I started taking Vit B supplement to help things as lots of ladies recommended this. The month I started using CBFM and taking Vit B supplements I got my BFP but unfortunately had a MMC - I'll never know if it was the supplement or CBFM that helped us get pregnant.

    x x
  • Thanks for replying ladies, has made me a bit more positive as got quite upset yesterday about it!

    I have now bought some Pregnacare Conception tablets as these contain Vitamin B6 (10mg - which I hope is enough!) Am also armed with evening primrose oil!!

    Goonie - congratulations on your BFP! Have a H&H 9 months x

    RS240508 - really sorry to hear about your MMC. Fingers crossed for next time x
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