The relief an appointment can bring...

Well i had a docs appointment today about long cycles, odd bleeding and to be honest a rather long list of ailments (sp?) was expecting to be sent 4 more bloods or told to wait but she's referred me directly to Gynecology for further tests and hopefully answers!!!!

Even have my appointment already of the 15th july thanks to the new online booking sytem!!!!

So in 3 weeks ladies someone will be looking at my lady garden!!!



  • oooohhh Jenna I am so pleased for you, and about time!
    I was wondering how you got on - had no time today to send you a message on facebook as I was in stoopid meetings all day.

  • He,he, thats the 1st time ive ever heard anyone being excited about a doc looking at her lady garden!!! lol. I hope they will be able to help you. xxx
  • good luck hun!!! glad you are getting sorted, hope you get some answers xxx
  • thats okay jules!! i even asked about a smear and they said they wouldn't do one till i'm 25 so no more moaning at me or u woomummy!!!!!

    I must admit i feel so much happier now things are moving but i know i'm really lucky that my doc is really understanding!!!
  • That's great Lilac. Hopefully my gp appt on Tues will be as successful as yours.

    They won't do a smear??? I had my first one at about 21. Have they changed the min age now? xx
  • lilac re the smear - i had the same a few years ago. i had a bit of spotting in between periods whilst on pill and i was really worried about it, then a few months after i had funny pains - not sure if it was IBS or whether it was something to do with pill. anyway the doctor said she wanted me to have a smear (i was 22 or 23 at the time), so i turned up for one with the nurse and the nurse was funny with me and said "i'm not going to do one as you aren't 25" the cheek!!! i wanted to cry!! she said if the doctor wanted me to have one, the doctor would have to do it herself as she wasn't going to give me a smear test. grrrrrrrrr she wasn't a very nice person. in the end she took a swab and tested for infection.
    i had a smear when i was 20 but i think they changed it shortly after. i guess i'll have one when i turn 25 in a few months.
  • i asked about a smear too and was told no not until im 25 so i told them i will hold them personally responsible if anything bad happens between now and then,like that poor girl who got cervical cancer at 23! good luck with the gyny xx
  • Well ive already txt u but again WOOHOO!!! July is our month to get sorted hunny, august bfps here we come!!!!!!!

    I had my swear after i had eldest lo...and i was 21, the doctor said as i had given birth i would need one!?! I expect theres different rules in different areas....although i will continue to hound you until u reach 25image
  • I'll be hounding too - 25 - that's pants, I was 21 one I had to start having them and you are talking to someone that had problems from my mid 20's that resulted in me having smears every 6 months to a year for about 4 years (been fine for the last 4 years).

    So you're hearing it from one who knows how important they are !!

    I do think it is a recent change though as I sort of remember reading something about it in the press with a lot of people not being happy.


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  • Great news lilac! image Finally they are doing something for you! you will be looking at those 2 lines b4 you know it x

    I had my first smear at 19 :evil:
  • It's great there is some progress being made for you! Good luck with it all. xx
  • thank you for all your replies its so sweet to have every1's support especially since no1 outside cyber world really knows.

    As for the smear thing u should have heard the doc when i asked she was saying that i couldn't have it till 25 as the age has been put up as previous they were testing from sexually active and were getting too many abnormal results that turned to be nothing so they changed the age apparently cancer doesn't normally show until 30's!!! Had to laugh at that cause SIL had cervical cancer in her late teens/early 20's so apparently not! Even said would i not need one as i've already had a baby and she said no, then told me not to worry u wont miss out they'll 'call me up'!!!!! This was all followed with the gyne consultant will probably do 1 anyway with the test so.............NO hounding me jules and kim!!!!
    *lilac shivers at the thought of jules and kim on her back for 2yrs!!!*

  • Good luck lilac, i know how you are feeling, it is such a relief for someone to finally take you seriously and get referred. Make sure you wear some nice new pants for the occasion (thats what i did!!lol). Hope they sort you out really soon.
  • Yeah, the pants choice is important LOL!!!

    First internal exam I had was unexpected and I was wearing a frilly thong. I felt like a right hussy! Since then I always wear proper knickers - not bridget jones style but something that I hope says 'sensible person who needs to be taken seriously'!!!
    Honestly, the things I worry about. Am going to be a raving mess by the time I actually have a baby!
  • okay so bote to self wear nice knickers.....
    what type of knickers should i wear to say.. i'm a sensible person that doesn't want you to poke around too much down there but if u have to be gentle and quick?!!

  • I wore v plain black knickers. Not too skimpy, not too big. Kind of 'normal'
    I don't own any white knickers though so that decided the colour for me...!!!
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