FAO Sparkling Diamond

Hey sweety

Did you OV yet? I am about 2dpo at the moment. Hate it!! LOL. Am just wishing the month away hehe.


  • Hi hun,

    I think so its a bit weird because I didnt have enough OPK's I found 2 so waited to test and done one on thursday evening and got 2 similar lines so think I have either ov early but just not done an OPK or am due to ovulate today.

    Going on a 35 day cycle I was due ov this week, going by 40 day cycle latest am due to ovulate is today.

    Either way we have done enough BDing ha ha so fingers crossed.

    I just really hope I have ovulated tho not had many signs this month but am due af either 25th or 30th Jan and no later than 4th Feb!!

    I am trying to wait until af is late before I test aswell as BFN, BFN, BFN is just so deflating hun!!

    Glad your on your 2ww, what signs of ov did you have? I think I could either be 2dpo or 1dpo tomorrow depending on when I get my next af.

    Am trying to stay focused on my trip to London to see Dirty Dancing as its less than 5 weeks now and then after that our holiday for our first anniversary in May.

    I would love to be pregnant before xmas and have either an Oct/Nov baby fingers crossed hun.

    When you testing? am defo going to use superdrug own brand as they are super sensitive and I will probably cave in and test early ha ha!!

    Am not going to go through as many tests as I did last month tho, spent a fortune!!!

    Good luck hun, I have my fingers crossed for you and I see you still have your rude veg, me too, will try anything ha ha!!!

    SD xx
  • Hey SD
    I was lucky with my OPKs cos itg actualy said to start testing on thursday but then last weekend I got my EWCM so used an OPK and got positive sat and sunday. Had been charting my temps but that didn't rally work - they have settled down now though and are still quite high. Did have a very bad headache too.

    I am technically due af 30th Jan - but my LP is normally 14days so it cud come earlier. HOwever, i am determined to be good this month and i will not test until two weeks today!!

    I got my PG and OPKs off the internet and they been working fine. I got them from home health and they were really cheap! Try it if you don't get your BFP this month.

    Good Luck - keep me updated!

  • Hi hun we have done some pile of Bding ha ha I really hope this month is ours mine and yours but am going to try and not get so hung up over symptom spotting as I did first month around and not POAS until af is due or late!!

    Lets hope the next two weeks fly by! xx
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