In pain :cry:

Well Ladies,

Last night AF reared her ugly head with a proper vengeance. I have been up all night in the worst pain i have ever been in. I rang work this morning to go in a bit later because my stomach was killing and i just needed an hours sleep.

I am pissed off because in the 10 years i have been having periods i have never had a 28 day cycle like this one. And never one this heavy before!!!

I am in SO much pain it is unreal and last night i was in tears and panicking something was wrong.

I am so tired, i am not really that fussed that i havent got my BFP this month because it is no big shocker but i just cant understand why AF is here. Hopefully i will have 28 day cycles from now but we will see!!!!!

Tink xxx


  • hey tink

    try and see it in a positive way if you can - perhaps your cycles are finally settling and if they stick at 28 then thats fab news. I'm sorry AF got you, it's hard not to be upset (even if you say your not).

    PP84 x
  • HI Tink - sorry to hear you got your AF and the pain. if your cycle is shorter, you will ovulate sooner so less waiting? That's a good thing. xx
  • Oh no, I thought you'd done it this month!! Hope your cycle stays short, (((big hugs))) x
  • Well i kinda hoped i had but you know!!! I thought maybe i was just spotting but when the pain started i knew there was no bean in my belly!!!

    The only thing i am really worried about is that my LP would only have been 11/12 days and i read somewhere that if you have a short LP it can affect conception because the egg doesnt have enough time to implant itself before the your period starts which obviously means that it clears the egg out before it has chance to stick!!! This is concerning me and now i just keep thinking i am going to find it hard to conceice :cry:

  • Thankyou Rangtang (love the name) xx
  • sorry AF got you tink ((((hugs))))

  • aww hun, im so sorry she found you. ive got a feeling she is on route to me too. cramps have stopped but now i just feel like af is coming. girls are right hopefully you wont have to wait to long till ov again big hugs hun.xxxx
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