I need some help????????????

Just a quick history..... I fell PG in Decemner 2009 with our first baby. I suffered a MMC on the 2nd of Feb at 11 weeks. I had an awful recovery from my MC and have only just started looking anything like normal. I was prescribed a mini pill at the beginning of April which seemed to regulate my bleeding. I bled fro 8 days after coming of the tablets and then had no bleeding for 2 weeks.

I counted day one of my bleeding as CD and I got 2 smiley faces on CBD OV test on CD 10 and CD11 and got a negative on CD12 so all seemed to be going well. 14 days on from positive OV was last Thursday so I was expecting AF around then.

I have not had any real bleeding, I have had spotting on and off for twoo weeks, I had a slight red bleed on the day of OV which I thought may be OV bleed and then 9 days after OV, since then I have had very intermittent bleeding, no where near enough to wear anything, just tiny spots and a pink colour when I wipe, but not always.......

I just put this down to a very light AF as my body seems to be all over the place, I have not had more than a very light bleed since Thursday.

I did a test on Saturday morning which was a BFN so I just assumed that I was having a very very light AF.

I have just done a CBD OV test, dont know why, just did it and it came back with a smiley face, when I pulled the stick out it was a really dark line. This would mean I have had a positive OV test on CD7, which is really really early....... the line was way darker than the smiley faces I got last month.

What do you think this means, I have no other signs of OV, no CM, no nothing. On the other hand I dont really have any PG symptoms either.

I am tired, but I always am
My boobs may be a tiny bit bigger, but not soore
I am always hungry

What do you think I should do?????????????:\?


  • It sounds very good to me hon - OV tests can also pick up hcG, the pregnancy hormone. It could be a shy bean, perhaps a late implanter which is why it didn't show up on Saturday.

    It could be just the mini pill playing havoc, I suppose, but I would be very tempted to do another test if it were me. Good luck hon.

    Hannah xx
  • Yep Stsarina in right, it can detect the pg hormone!

    I'd do another test hun! At least you'll know either way!

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