Hello & Didn't realise how much i want a baby!

Well firstly let me say hello to you all and hope you don't mind me joining you all on TTC *waves* , i've been a bit of a lurkrer for a while but haven't posted so far.

My hubby and i are in our first official month of TTC (but have been upsi'ing for the past two months just not very regularly) and i think i ov'd around 21st nov, but we have been bd'ing every other day (ish) for this cycle just in case my calculations were not quite right, i also have a cycle which is anywhere between 28-34 days, i'm currently on cd25.

Anyway AF is due anytime from saturday onwards up until around the 11th dec, and although i know i should wait i couldn't resist but to poas today (only used a tesco cheapie as i didn't want to waste one of the more expensive ones). Obiviously it has come up BFN and i'm absolutly gutted especially as i had funny little twinges yesterday which i have never felt before. I'm just hoping that i've tested too early and AF still doesn't turn up then hopefully have a BFP late next week (fingers crossed) :\?

When my hubby and i first started talking about TTC i was just when it happens it happens and now it just can't happen soon enough...i'm soooo broody and seem to being seeing pregnant people and babies everywhere.

Sorry my first post on here has been a bit of a rant (think i needed to get it off my chest!) and i know that we would be very lucky if we caught the first time of properly trying as i know that some of you have been trying for a lot longer. (hope i haven't offended anyone).

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  • Hello moschops,

    Welcome. I am on my first month TTC too, I know the feeling that it can't happen soon enough lol. I think you were too early for testing, if you OV'd around 21st then you may only be 10-11 days past ovulation so your best waiting another week and if no AF then test again. Lots of girls on this website have had BFN that early and then BFP later on. My AF is due tomorrow and I am holding out till Sat to test if it doesn't show.

    Wishing you lots of luck and baby dust image
    Bee xx
  • hello & thanks broodybee, i thought that too but just couldn't help myself, keep getting light cramps today, butterfly feelings yesterday, back ache constantly and sore nips which is why i couldn't resist!! i also wasn't gonna symptom spot either but it's just so odd......mustn't get hopes up *sighs*
    have you had any symptoms?
    also i hope AF stays aways for you and sending you lots of sticky baby dust!!xx
  • I wasn't going to symptom spot either but it just happens! I have had really sore boobs for over a week now and I am sure they are slightly bigger (I am only a B cup so a little growth is very noticable!) Had pink CM on 3 DPO and have had cramps on and off for the last week. Trying not to get my hopes up too much though. Fingers crossed for us both image xx
  • I guess my symptoms must be down to coming off the pill as AF started bang on time today. I am not as dissappointment as I thought I would be though, I think it was easier to accept then a BFN. I am happy that my body has gone straight back to a 28 day cycle so looking on the positive side and hopefully my sore boobs will calm down now lol. xx
  • i'm out this month too, AF got me yesterday, oh well...roll on to next cycle!!
  • Hi ladies,

    My hubby and I got married and started ttc right away with a positive smile on our faces and thinking it'll happen when it happens but secretly thinking oh it'll happen straight away!!! A few months on and a few af's and still no bean - grrr! I don't think you realise how difficult it is to conceive and how frustrating it is till you are trying and able to. Plus my manager and friend has announced she is pregnant and is sick as a dog and I am finding it very hard to be sympathetic which is terrible - I know. We just need to keep positive and keep busy so maybe it'll happen when we least expect....baby dust to all! x
  • gosh darn it I wrote a reply ladies and it disappeared! grrrrrr! anyways to cut it short I feel the same and wish it was just happening like that but it isn't so gona keep myself busy and hope for the best! x
  • oh it reappeared!
  • I agree wholeheartedly! I thought we would just fall straight away and its been so hard getting my head around not doing that! I guess we are all a little naive when we start trying but soon realise that its going to be harder than we thought! I hope that we dont have to be on TTC too much longer, and that we can stay relaxed and happy in the meantime!! xx
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