question for 2nd time mums

hi ladies my little girl is 8 weks old today and im worried about fertility returning . has anyone got pregnant very soon after having a baby . there is such conflicting advice on periods returning and fertility. i had my first period 3 weeks ago as i had to stop breast feeding as my milk dried up any advice gratefully recived x x x


  • HI bev6, my sil got pregnant when her 1st was 12 weeks ! and she was still breastfeeding, so she ended up feeding her 1st and 2nd at the same time for a couple of months euww lol xx
  • My 1st 2 are only 10 months apart - I fell pg lterally 6 weeks after having my 1st and she subsequently arrived 16 days early!!
  • wow how amazing how did you know you were pregnant so soon after your birth of your first millie 1807 ?
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