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Used an early pregnancy test today. Yes i know i've got 5 days to wait but you cant blame a girl for trying. Looked at the literature for early bird kits and although you can test early it only shows positive in 53% of women that early(4 days) . Personally i think i will wait as theres no guarantee. Anyone used these with success though? image


  • Hi, yes I used a 4 day early test this time, i did the test on the 12th day after ov.. 25 days into cycle, and I got a strong BFP. Which i was shocked at, as in past i tested on 1st day was late with normal kits, and always got a very VERY faint line, so for me these early tests worked, and I did it a tea time
    good luck and hope you get the bfp you want
    caz xx
  • I used a First Response one at 4 days before I was due, and got a strong positive. I think first response are the best as they can detect the hormone 4 days early in 69% of pregnant women, whereas clearblue etc is only about 50%.

    I tested late in the day too. xxxx
  • Hi guys, which is the best Early pregnancy test in your opinion, I am 8 days late and I've tested negative two days ago, then I used one of those cheap ??1 pounland one's today but couldn't quite understand it, but the reading looked negative to me. I'm seriously getting worried about my state of health. I've never missed a period and i've never been this late, and I wasn't on the pill.
  • I used first rsponse with both my pregnancies and got very strong lines(first pregnancy ended in miscarriage)I was 7 days late 1st time though and 2nd time 3 days late so never used before AF was due.

    I know that dont help at all lol just thought id say i think first response are good!
  • i think mine was a 1st response 4 days early one.. it showed u + sign, not just a 2nd line, so was very clear to see. I did it 4 days early, and was strong + sign.. so have a feeling it would have still shown day or 2 before.. but think everyone is different depending on hormone levels.
    I paid about 8.00 for mine in tescos
    good luck to those who decide to test... im impatient hense my early testing lol
    caz x
  • Ohh dear.. have you tilted it all ways and held it up to light etc just to be sure its not a very very faint line? I have done tests in past and thought it was neg, till looked again and held it in different lights, and i could just see a faint line.
    If there isnt one and no af in few days, test again.. really hoping you get bfp hun
    caz xx
  • Tee hee mrs takers you are so funny. Need to laugh in the 2ww as i'm going nuts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:lol:
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