May be a really silly quetion!!!

I'm struggling to write down what I mean but I'll give it a go. What happens if I don't know when I ovulated?
I don't use OPK's so not sure when or if I have ovulated yet.
So my question,
If we BD'd Saturday does that mean that I have to wait at least 9 days to test?
What happens if ovulated 48 hours before we BD'd, does that mean that I could test earlier because the egg was already on its way down to the womb so would get there and implant quicker?
Sorry if I am rambling, its just that I got a faint positive today on an SD test but its only Wednesday???
The last time we BD'd before this was over 2 weeks ago and I have had negatives since then.



  • Usually after u ov you have to wait 14days before you would test positive. Sometims it might show after 12. So you must have been ovulating 2weeks ago when u bd'd but only just have enough hormones in you to get a + u
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