dont think iv got a sticky one---update!

i dont feel pregant...having a few pains then red/brown discharge yesterday, i spent the whole day at hospital letting them do testson me, all seemed ok and the were happy and said bleeding is from a raw patch on my womb, ans booked me in 4 early scan today....but bright red blood this morning, so i think im losing my strangly ok about it?!better luck next time hey?
hope everyone else is ok xxxxx

ok well suprisingly everythings fine!!!!! my bean has stuck well! it was implantation bleed/raw patch on cervix! im soooo happy but in disbelief! although im a week behind what i thought i was, but i am oficially 5+5..
..thankyou all soooo much for the support it means so much! finally positive news!
xx xx xx xx

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