ever wish u hadnt of tested

I am sure i can see a REALLY really really faint 2nd line on a chepo test so get out superdrug bad bod and drop it in the loo :lol: :lol: :lol: i am shaking and i was feeling so sick i lent ova the loo and oops drop'd it.....

I pee'd in a pot so i am saving it and going out to get another image image

Now my colds gone i dont feel anything - sick but thats coz i am so scared ;\) All i feel is odd not AF ish..... I have had pains/pulls in my lower tum since OV and nothing elce no sore boobies i usually have that about 5 days before.......

This is not my BFP ladys so please *begging you* No congrats I need to see that line properly I cant sleep all i keep thinking about is the day's i got my other 2 bfp this year and how i was feeling etc then i think about waking up and blood everywere and i just don't know if i am strong enough to do it again :cry:

Wont be out long and i will retest when i get in and will come tell you ladys xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Month 16 TTC #2

Gems xx

OMG i posted and it didnt work dam BE

Superdrug said BFN did another cheap and BFN so i was seeing things or really hoping

I have AF cramps bad now and I am feeling ok On to MONTH 17 omg image

Jingle Bells Jingle Bells witch is on her way i dont care coz this month i have ClearBlue Digital OPK
image :lol:

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