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I am at the end of my teather with my cycle!!! I am on cd16 of cycle 11. Since coming off the pill in Feb 09 I have had regular 28-30 day cycles, I have used CBFM for a while now and have been getting peaks around CD16. Last month I had a peak on CD14 which I put down to the accpuncture that Ive been having. So this month assumed the same would happen although I am not having accpuncture as regularly. This month I decided that I was going to ditch the CBFM and try and relax more, however, when there were no OV signs on CD12 I panicked and bought a pack of boots own OPK's. Well Im now on CD16 and still no +ve OPK. Ive had a few twinges and some cm but its hard to tell what is cm and what is semen (sorry too much info!!!). so Im not sure if Ive had ewcm or not!! Im worried that I wont OV this month but not sure why when I have every other month without fail. Apart from worrying about this Im not under any stress this month and life it better than it has been for a while. Im so fed up. I feel like ttc is an uphill struggle at the moment. Not sure what to do now as run out of OPK's and dont want to uy anymore and OH is away from tomorrow so looks like even if I do OV we've missed it:cry::cry::cry:


  • Hi Lizzy
    I have only ever got a positive ov using CBFM - never with any of the other POAS OPK's. I got myself to the point that I thought I wasn't actually ovulating
    I also found I occasionally had random longer cycles (normally 30/31 - then 35 or 36) which I thought could be it - and then got loads of BFN's.

    Obv - if you are having a longer cycle - OH going away isn't much good. But I will just BD again tonight to say good bye, then write this month off and forget about it. You never know - you may still get your BFP - but put it out of your mind anyway.

    Then if AF comes - start again with CBFM, I think it gives you peace of mind of when you are ov'ing if nothing else. And I'd also try some Pre-seed lube if you havn't already. We used this once and got our BFP after a year of trying.

    I hope this helps you. Actually - if you have been going for a year - I'd also go and speak to your GP, explain that you've been using CBFM so you think you've been hitting the right time each month. It may be time to start some investigations.

  • CTB,
    Thanks for the advice. I think I am going to start using CBFM again next month as it does give me peace of mind.
    Already got referral for fertility clinic just waiting for appointment, waiting lists are about 4months at the moment and referral was made at the beginning of this month.
    Have tried Zestica lube but havent used it for a while so may give it a try again maybe it might do the trick.
    Thanks again xxx
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