Ok so am back to being a poasaholic once again because am still getting symptoms am I preg or not??

I have loads of creamy cm, sore boobs, symptoms come and go and faint lines on tests but not any darker.

I have been doing frer tests now does anyone know if you actually get faint lines on these tests without being pregnant, hubby held it up to the light and said he could see a line and they appear within the 3 min mark but am not convinced at all it means a BFP due to suspected chem pregnancy a few weeks ago.

I know its prob too early to be pregnant again so what do i do just wait?? the annoying thing is i try to chill and then i wake up crampy or my legs ache or i go to the toilet and my cm is coloured and it all starts again.

It really is a bit of a vicious circle for me at the moment and i prob cant go back to the hospital. Has anyone done a FRER/SD test and do you get lines on them even when your not pregnant, i always thought the hcg had to be there but now am not too sure if they have a start off line and it just gets darker if your pregnant.

I will be honest and say the lines are very faint and i can see its where the line should be but am not sure the tests are made this way and if they are that could be accounting for all the lines am seeing?? does that make sense.


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  • I'm no expert at all (having only ever poas once, but hoping to be doing so tomorrow!!! Sorry, I digress!) I was under the impression that you had to be pg for the line to appear - false positives being really rare - I may be wrong but i hope i'm not!!!! Good luck x x
  • I meant i have noticed there is like indentation lines where a line would appear they are too faint to see if any colour in them through test but when i take them apart there is a very very faint pink line. always getting faint lines hence since have been trying thought i was pregnant etc but last month i had hcg tested and my level was higher than usual but dr wouldnt confirm whether i was preg or not, i then bled a few days later and assumed I had a chem pregnancy and basically have been stuck in limbo ever since about 2-3 weeks ago.

    I done a CBD 2 sundays ago havent done anymore but i started testing with frer on thur avo, sat morning and sun afternoon and they all had faint line on and tonight sd test has ever so faint line on so guess what am asking is could it still be the chem pregnancy or was i always pregnant and if so why isnt a CBD working.

    Funny thing is i promised myself i would not get worked up but when i keep on seeing lines and hubby is now seeing them we are both pondering what is going on!!! Dr wont do anything so do i wait and see if i get my next AF as am on what should be CD12 following light bleed other week not as heavy as AF but more than spotting!!

  • Im wondering the same thing with these FRER tests, i think im going to start opening the hpts before i use them. Even hubby says theres always a line there before we use them, thats funny coz i can never see it.

  • hi, sorry to hear you are still in limbo, must be awful for you. It all sounds very odd with your symptoms etc, but i have to say that the lines you are getting sound like evap lines, where the test line would develop if you were pregnant. Im pretty sure that if you were pg, the lines would most definately be getting darker by now. I got my bfp on an fr at 9dpo and it showed within a minute, didnt have to tilt it in any light or take it apart. The next day i got pg 1-2 on cbd and 2 days later i gota much darker bfp on fr. If ur pg ur hcg doubles every 48hrs. Can you not ring ur dr and ask her over the phone? If i were you, i would still be ttc as you dont want to potentially miss this month. Sorry if i sound harsh hun, good luck with it all. x just wanted to add that when i was ttc ds i had an evap line on a test i used on our 1st month that both hubby and i could see so they defo happen. x

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  • Oh SD what a time you're going through.
    I've read so many of your posts similar but only just replying now.

    It sounds like you're having a stressful time ttc with every month having faint BFP's and these symptoms, it's so unfair for your body to trick you like this.

    When you get your BFP for real and you will, you'll see a stronger line and if you test every day it will get stronger and stronger.

    I didn't have any symptoms at all for 2 of my pregnancies so I think symptoms can be overated, especially as sore (.)(.) and cramps etc you can get at ov and also when af is due so not just pg symptoms.

    I know this will happen for you soon.

    I used to be exactly the same as you hoping and praying for that BFP (after 13 months i'm more laid back belive it or not! Lol!) but you will see when you get your BFP that you will no longer need to take tests apart etc, you'll see a true line, no mistaking it.

    It's so cruel especially if you have a naturally higher amount of HcG in you body and I really feel for you.

    Wishing you heaps of baby dust hun x
  • sorry your having a hard time of it chick xx

    it sounds like the tests are playing tricks on you,id more than happy be proved wrong but i would have thought the lines would have been even darker by now hun,if were you i would stop testing and wait to see when my af next turns up go along as if your not preg and if you are then its the best surprise ever

    as for symptoms i get sore boobs on and off in my cycle,usually either close to AF or just because of my bra and needing a new size,i get an achy leg if i have laid the wrong way or slept a bit different and i get creamy cm
    ,suppose what im saying is that many things can mirror what you would see as symptoms and you dont really no what symptoms you will get,you may not get any

    my boobs ached so so much when i was preg even the slightest touch was sore and the tiredness was horrendous

    hope you can get everything resolved chick xxxx
  • awwww sd sweetie, again!? i no what u mean about the line on tests tho, u can kind of see the faintest of faint line where the pg line shud be, if that makes sense? i ahev seen it b4 lol. i really hope this time is different tho!? i cant imagine how much money u must spend on poas. it will all be worth it in the end image xxxx
  • Hi Hunny,

    I am so sorry you are still going through this. But I agree with Ruby and Amy- when you get a BFP even if it starts off faint it then gets darker pretty quickly as long as everything is progressing. I used to get a lot of evap lines- especially on cheapies and I have had them on SD tests too. If you are analysing these tests for any length of time then a line will appear-that's the way they are made. As I read on (which is a fab website) that there is always something slightly visable-it's just the way there are. Also FR are tricky because there is that silly grid thingy on the back which makes it look like a line when you hold it up to the light. After all my evaps,false alarms and chemical in almost a year-when I got my true BFP's it was very different and there was no mistaking it.

    Like Grudie I would be gladly be proved wrong too. I think you are going to drive yourself crazy if you carry on testing. The chemical pg would be out of your system by now and as you said, it would be too early to be pg again so I would stop testing and start a clean slate. Perhaps even wait until after AF so you know exactly where you are with your cycle?

    I really hope you get your true and sticky BFP really soon hun

    Lots of love xxxx
  • if you can only see the line when held up to the light then its not a clear positive, dont trust it. lost of tests i did i could see where the line would have been if i got a + and was convincing myself it was coloured when in actual fact it wasnt. a positive test will have colour and even if faint you should be able to see it without holding up to the light and angling it just right ( i know i have been there too).
  • Hi all

    Thanks for your reply. I think they are evaps, have told myself to stop testing, hubby is takin his SA to hospital tomorrow.

    Am CD13 today so am not due to ovulate for another week or so but we are trying to BD a few times a week but hubby has had to abstain for his SA test for a good few days now.

    Yep I agree with you all if it was a BFP then it would have progressed by now and lines would be darker. I guess I was just naive but now i know you can get evaps within the time limit i am not ANALYSING tests anymore and WHAT WILL BE, WILL BE!!

    Ps Littlewolf dont tell me off lol if you read this he he I am trying to change.

    You are all right, I want this so much but I have to put my life into perspective, sitting and waiting for it to happen and it wont so tonight I went to ZUMBA!!!

    Had so much fun, forgot about TTC and the horrible/stressy business that it is and for now am just getting on with my life.

    Next time I will get a BFP that sticks I feel sure of that because am back exercising so i wont be as stressed and wont be obsessing over TTC as much as am busying my life right up!!!

    Thanks for your honesty (ps am not a loon honest)!!!

  • Hi Sparkling Diamond,
    Just read this thread and thought you'll find this interesting, gallery with all the positives, negativs and evap lines.
    It clearly shows examples of all.
    Good luck getting your BFP! xxx

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