Half a positive line?????

OK so i havent been having regular visits from AF since i came off the pill in January 07 so i haven't a clue when to test so we agreed to just do a test every couple of weeks or if or when i get any symptoms.

So anyway the last few days i've felt weird, my boobs have felt heavier and yesterday morning i woke up with a really sickly feeling so last night i randomly took a test, after a few seconds there was a really bright pink line BUT it only went half way down the test so i had like one and a half lines I waited the rest of the time the box said and there was the rest of the line but the bottom half was sooooo faint hardly noticable but it was definately there cos dp saw it too, so now i dont know if its a viable test or not, i did another 2 tests this morning and they were negative So could it be possible that its just so early on that its a bit hit and miss and i should wait a while? And it's not a possibility to get a DRs appointment because i've been trying for the past 2 weeks to get one, they have a stupid system where you can't book then any further than 48hours in advance but i rang at literally the time they opened for a few days and they are always fully booked!

Also about 2 weeks ago i had a few light spots of blood and i was wondering if it could be implantation bleeding?? I ask because i didn't have this with either of my children :\?

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  • I'd give it another day or two and do another test. Sounds like it could have been implantation bleeding. Fingers crossed for you, and keep us posted! xx
  • I agree with mithical, leave it another 3 days or so and test with CB? The first test sounds like pos to me but because of the other 2 its hard to say. Good luck hun x x x
  • hi hun, were all the test the same make? i.e first CB and rest cheapies? sounds like it was a positive the 1st time.

    Dont doc surgerys piss u off, id complain and say look ive been trying 4 2 weeks i know u dont usually give apps b4 48 hrs but could they just do it this once, as it is so difficult to get an appt, good luck though hun, all sounds pretty positive (mind the pun!!! lol) xx
  • what makes were they?i did sainsburys ones and my pink lines were messed up and it left me more confused than ever. so i waited and did CB 2 days after that and got the BFP.

    good luck hope your big fat positive is round the corner for you image xxxxx
  • They were all cheapies from the same shop. I might go to sainsburys tomorrow and buy a CB test, thank you everyone image
  • So i've done tests for the last few days and they've all been BFNs image even the CB test. Its so annoying, its so typically my luck to get a dud test. I guess its back to trying then image
  • Sorry to hear all your tests are BFNs, but don't let your PMA suffer though. Hope you don't have to wait much longer for your BFP or af.
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