DPO 8 little niggles - what do you think

Hi ladies
DH and I arent really sure what these could be. I have had period pains in the past but they tend to come on the day that I have my period not before. I think I am due tomorrow but not 100% sure.
Since the weekend I have been feeling a little tired, sluggish and getting pains on and off low down in my abdomen, Ive had a hotwater bottle on it most nights. The pain dosent last long just short sharp pains. No breast pain like i have heard other ppl mention though.
We are so hoping this is our month, after all the problems we have had. Hope for the best expect the worst husband says just wondered what you think?



  • Hi hun,

    you could try a fr test as they are meant to be very sensitive.
    loads of baby dust and fingers crossed
  • i have been getting the same pain as you, really low to the left on and off, i have had sickness with it too, i am wanting to test as i just feel funny if you know what i mean, hope its good news this for us both . h
  • Hi excited,
    Please, for your own sanity, don't get too excited. Our bodies and minds can play tricks on and make us think all the symptoms are there, and it t really leads to upset.
    I've had two cycles ttc now.
    First one, I thought i had all the symptoms: boob pain, funny cramps from about 6dpo, a bleed from 6dpo for two days, felt sick - the lot, just lots of things that had NEVER happened before, but aunt flo turned up on cd26. I even tried to tell my doc it wasn't AF and made her give me a test.

    This month a similar story, plus a false positive to add to it even more.

    I guess what I'm saying it we all need to to try and relax a little more. Our bodies are cruel and what will be will be, but please try and stay level headed as I've had so much upset these first two months, I don't want others to go through the same. xx
  • thanks pink h mine seems to be on the right hand side. loubbylou totally agree with you just easier said than done! x try to think of other things and focus my mind elsewhere x
  • I know its hard, definitely easier said than done. I am trying to practice what I preach, but I fear when the times come again next month my head will be all over the place, but I will try and be determined not to get too excited again. I really hope it is positive for you though. xx
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