Increasing sex drive........??

Have noticed on a couple of posts that some of those taking zinc or vitamin supplements have seen an increased sex drive........

I have (embarrassingly) a pretty low sex drive. It wasn't when I was younger, I couldn't get enough!! But as the years have gone on it has slowly reduced, much to my DH's disgust!! Anything that can help in that department would be great, not only for ttc, but for my husband too!! And me!! I want to remember what it was like when I was younger!!

Does anyone know of any magic potions that can help? Does anyone else suffer too and what do they do?

Any advice on my rather embarrassing problem would be gratefully received!!

Cheers ladies



  • Hi honey you sould very much like my hubby he suffers with the same problem. Maybe you can try and spice your sex life up. Like dressing up for him as a surprise or watching porn together? Getting some new toys to use on one another? Massages they can all help to get you in the mood.

    k xx
  • Thanks K-Lou. I'm sure it's just that we both work so hard. DH leaves at 6am and doesn't come home til 7pm. I leave at 7.30am and don't get home til 6.30pm then I have washing, cooking, cleaning and all the usual!! I'm sure I'm no different from anyone else when it comes to that!!

    Just guess I've become lethargic about the whole thing. The usual, 'I'm always too tired' which is true but it's probably becoming just an excuse not to bother! God I sound like a cow. I'm really not!! Apparently Viagra is supposed to help!! Even for the ladies but I'm too much of a wimp to try it!!

  • Mrs Hopeful I feel the same but I'm always ready to BD as I want a baby so much. My DH is always too tired and it can be hard at times to convince him. He's taking Zinc but not sure if it's amde a difference but it's meant to be good for sperm too. Maybe Ginsing is worth a try but not sure of any -ve affects to sperm. Anyone know if it can cause an issue? Sorry I'm not much help but you're not alone, I wish I felt like I used to aswell.
  • Hi MrsHopeful, i'm affraid me and dh have the same problem. When we first got together 6 years ago we were at it like rabbits now neither of us have any drive. We both leave for work at half six and don't get back until gone six and are so tired at night by the time i've done the horses and dogs and other animals and cooked tea its time for a shower and off to bed!! How sad, i'm only 25!!!!!!!!
    I'd love to get both our sex drives back as i know we're not bding enough ttc. We'd def have more chance of getting our BFP if we bd more often. I'll try goji berries and see, any other tips from anyone????
  • my hubby takes folic as well, it is meant to help.

    It's all about trying to make the effort as hard as it may seem at first and then once you both get into it it will be great image

  • Goji berries, Ginseng, I'll try the lot!!! I am totally with you SLOW, it is so hard after work etc. We literally laugh about it!! We get up, go to work, come home, eat and go to bed and then do it again the next day!

    I'm with you K-Lou about just 'doing it' too. I know that is the best way but a little helping hand from some miracle potion is always appealing!

    Thanks girls for your advice and hope you have great weekends. Think I shall be logging off soon for the weekend.

  • Your get there love me and my hubby are just the same trust me but porn helps us image

    Have a great weekend xxxxxxxx
  • Gonna get DH on folic acid tonight he won't know whats hit him and go shopping for goji berries tonight. Thanks girls.
  • There are a few tablets out there for sex drive for women, but some say do not take if pregnant! Just thought I'd mention it in case anyone decided on that route. xx

  • hi, mrs hopeful. i am in exactly same boat as you i seem to have no sexdrive what so ever. its a great strain as my oh has a very high sex drive. we are trying to get our sex life back on track before we start ttc next month. i have been taking sanatogen pro natal and have def found a difference and also eating lots of strawberies which they say also helps. hope you dont mind me asking but were you on pill before ttc as they say this can hault your sexdrive.
  • hi girls, me and oh sometimes have this problem although we both have high sex drive, we both work, plus house work, horse, dogs... but we have found in the morning before both get up works great as have more energy ; ) also dressing up helps, or staying in a hotel/B&B for a dirty night can kick start things!! having a bath together is nice too xx
  • hiya

    my oh is going to take Horney goats weed and maca for the next mth of ttc, apprently they help improve sperm and increase sex drive!! we do not bad in that dept but are both struggling a wee bit to keep up with every other day so hoping this will help things along!!
    i'm lucky in the fact that i have a high sex drive so if oh is up for it i need little persussion!!!
  • Hi Angeilisa - sorry I didn't get back to you - didn't see this post again until J20 just brought it back!! Thanks J20!!

    I used to be on the pill many years ago but actually chose to come off about 5 years ago - really just to give my body a rest and not ttc. I must admit, and I hadn't put two and two together, but it probably coincides with when my sex drive went!!

    I just really feel for DH cos it doesn't seem fair on him. I just want him to be happy all the time and I know men suffer with their egos on things like this. Men are from venus and all that!!

  • This might sound a bit 'chicken and egg', but masturbation can be great for increasing your sex drive. The more you have, the more you want I guess.
  • Very true lulabellarama!! Anything's worth a go!!! Sometimes I just think the most obvious things are right under your nose but life can become overwhelming sometimes!!

    That's when sites like this come in handy where we can all be completely frank with each other cos it's anonimous!!!

  • hi mrs hopeful. only just noticed the post again. how are things. i also worry bout my oh sometimes he seems quite down and i feel guilty but then my woman brain kicks in and i get grumpy for him being grumpy about it. if you know what i mean and this causes arguments so we are trying to relax now. i have promised to be more forthcoming and he has promised to lay off a bit so i am hoping once i finish my last packet of pills that my sex drive will soare. if not for coming off the pill then for the want of ttc.xx
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