Hi gals i had my arm implant taken out on the 30th march and still aint had a period. i've had period pains and pulling sensations for a week now also had like twinging in the area of my lower stomach and seem to be getting worse on and off but still no period. Today been very light headed and feeling dizzy. I really dont wanna test yet as it maybe to early and wanna see if the thing arrives lol. this is the second time i had the arm inplant taken out as last time i fell pregnant 6mnths after having it taken out then led to a mc then mc again last year. Its not as if i cant have children as i have three already.


  • good luck to all.xxxx
  • Good luck hun, cant help as not been on the implant before but maybe do a hpt and put your mind to rest.

    Superdrug are most sensitive

  • hey elaine, nice to see you back!

    i had the implant twice and both times it took a little while to bleed, but i know that you can ovulate as soon as it's removed... so maybe test to be sure.

    not sure if you know, but after two years we finally fell pregnant naturally! i'm 13 weeks now and have seen our baby 3 times and all is well. i wish you loads of luck with ttc and hope to see you in pregnancy soon xxx
  • Thank you sp .xxxxxx
  • Lo issy wow thats fab news hunni. i feel so weired lol.xxxxx
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