back again!

hello again girlies, im back again after our honeymoon, we had an amazing wedding, and fab hol. and now throwing ourselves full swing into get pg. lots of honeymoon bd'ing and now started the 2ww, so hoping we got lucky! i dont know what ive missed, but i wish luck to everyone, and congrats to any bfp's i missed? now in month 5 of ttc, so hoping this one will be lucky! bring on 2 weeks time! will try and post a couple of piccies below image


  • beautiful. pics hun.
    Fingers crossed you have your hm baby.

    I'm back in the ttc thread as had a mc last week.
  • Welcome back Mrs *me* image

    Glad you had a lovely day, the photos are gorgeous.

    Fingers crossed for your honeymoon baby, I'm in my 2ww too, month 7 x
  • Hey Mrs, glad you had a fab wedding and moon.

    Good luck for your BFP
  • Nice to see you back, your photos are lovely .Good luck this month huni!A honeymoon bubs would be prefect! image x
  • Ahhh you look gorgeous. It's really funny when you see pictures of what the ladies on here really look like. I imagine you all totally different lol!

    Congratulations and good luck!!
  • WOW you look stunning hun x What a fabulous dress xx
    Welcome back and sounds like you had a lovely honeymoon xx
  • HEY HEY!

    Hope you had a lovely time! Your dress is gorgeous, very princessy :\) Only seems like yesterday that you were getting married, its gone well quick!

    You missed SD's BFP! Shes now in DIF, im happy for her, its just what she needed, she deserved it.

    MPP (month 4)
  • haha lady2188 im the same! i find it so strange seeing pics of people, even tho i dont imagine what everyone looks like, just think of the 'name' i see. omg! well done SD! thats amazing! finally! bless her, thanks for the info mpp. thanks for everyones congrats!
  • Oh hon you look so beautiful!!!

    Really happy that it went so well!! Did you have a good honeymoon image
    can't remember where you said you were going now!!

    I'm not sure if you'd already gone by then but I got my BFP last month - am due in Jan image Finding it very hard to stay out of TTC as I've got to know some of you really well and don't want to leave any of you!!!

    I really hope you've done it this month - a honeymoon bubba would be utterly amazing. And I get you back in the pregnancy forum as well :lol:

    K xxxxxx

  • Congratulations *me*! You looked beautiful!

    fingers crossed you have a hm babe - what a great wedding gift that would be!!!

  • thanks girlies image i loved my dress soooo much! when i took it off, it stayed standing up, without me in it! haha. OMG gafield thats amazing wel done! congrats! xxxx
  • Thanks hon!! So pleased but a little shocked as we'd only done the deed once and then I came down with flu!!

    But the month was spent away from BE as internet was playing up, so think the relaxed approach must have helped things

    K xxx
  • awww thats great news! im so happy for you image h&h 9 months x
  • yay doncratulations chick,you look lovely,not what i imagined either lol dress was beautiful and looks like you had a nice sunny day xx

    oft dont know what i was doing typing congratulations lol but you get the gist :lol:

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  • fanx grudie image yeah it was sooo hot! thanks for the congrtas image xxxx
  • Congratulations *Mrs Me* you look stunning and looks like you had an amazing day.

    Fingers crossed you got your honeymoon baby image

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