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I have not been here for some time just wanted to give an update, it may help others.

After feeling AF is coming I was depressed and decided to go to a private clinic for check-up. The Dr told me that I either have infection (PID) or a cervical erosion / ulcer (which is usually reddness on the openning of my cervix) and there was discharge that he suspected may be an infection too. She took swabs and blood tests too ( 2nd day and 21st day). I have only did the 2nd day tests.

My 2nd day blood tests were normal except for a minor elevation of Prolactin hormone. I got persribed a pill to take twice a week.

My tests came clear that I had no infections especially the types related to PID.

So i went to the Dr (today) to treate the erosion, they did a Cryocautery (using nitrous oxide gas).

I can't have sex for this month but hopefully next month I will be back to business :lol: ;\)

My prolactine level and erosion very much decreases my chances of pregnancy so I am hoping for good luk next month.

I am still waiting to do my 21 day blood test to make sure I am ovulating if not I will be taking clomid.

Thats my story image :\)

Now, after the treatment I am feeling little period like cramps which is normal for the 1st day.

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  • Hey RiRi, nice to hear from you. Sorry you're out for this month, but at least you can get on the right path now for getting sorted. Hope it continues to go well sweetie. x
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